September Book Club Selection!

September Book Club Selection!

September is here and our summer slumber is over and we are back with the “Dorm Room Book Club.” That means every month we will be selecting books for you to add to your reading list. Hopefully you will join our book club so you can receive our monthly emails and join in on our monthly online book club discussion. I have decided to switch things up, I have added amazing hosts that will be taking over the book club. These lovely hosts will select the monthly books, create the reading aides, and also host our monthly online discussion. Our first host is…

cabbagepatchSaida Gordon, she is a 28 year old Caribbean/Latina woman hailing from the South Bronx. She is a University at Buffalo alum and recent graduate of Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work. She is also one of the ten members of the infamous Ruff Buff Commission. By day she is a practicing Licensed Social Worker and by night she’s just plain old “Ida”. She is an avid reader and smooth talking negotiator, sweet as a pie but is not afraid to tell you like it is. Some of her favorite authors include Toni Morrison, Mary Monroe, Love Belvin, Christina C. Jones, and Alexandra Warren to name a few. She enjoys reading Romance, Horror, Mystery, but also books that connect to social/cultural/political issues.





Her selection for the month of September is….

Christina C. Jones

“Strictly Professional” by: Author Christina C. Jones, is our September book selection. Its on amazon for 2.99 (kindle) and if you have Kindle Unlimited its free. It’s 256 pages in length and I am sure worth all of your coins! Email us if you would like to be added to our book club! Our hostess has done a lovely job this month with the book selection and reading aide! Hopefully we will see her next month!