Shonda Rhimes, The Face of Empowerment

Shonda Rhimes, The Face of Empowerment

If you want to see the face of empowerment, look no further than Shonda Rhimes. As one of the most successful show runners on television, who brings Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder to screens across the world, her own success is a testament to minority groups seizing power in the media. She herself is a single mother of color, yet has risen to the most powerful person in television.

But what truly makes Rhimes exceptional is that she has used her success to give so many people back their voices. Her shows address many societal issues along with representation of people of color, the LGBT community, different socioeconomic settings, and so many women with heads on their shoulders. She’s let people of so many backgrounds come to the forefront, years before it was trendy.

With a typewriter in hand, she has been able to change the world with her words. So I thought we should have a collection of some of her best, just to keep for a cloudy day.



Not going to lie, I feel like Shonda is the real life Olivia Pope. She wears the white hat and crusades for justice simply because her gut tells her to.



Television writing relies to heavily on development. The fact that Shonda advocates actual activism rather than just sharing that oppression is occurring empowers us to do more than what is easy or we are accustomed to.


Something I really appreciate about Shonda is that she owns her own identity, yet recognizes that people before her could have been just as talented, but denied the opportunities she’s had for success because they lived in eras of deeper oppression.


slide_395558_4851736_freeThat determination though!





It’s so amazing to see yourself not just outside your demographic, but more than it. Shonda is so much more than the color of her skin or X chromosome in her body. She is a leader who has something to say, and encourages endless people to leave the silence. You go girl!

And, last but not least: