Short Film “Phenomena”

Short Film “Phenomena”

So in my film production class, my professor decided to assign a group project, which is the worst thing a teacher can do. The group project is for us to create a short film about absolutely anything. For about an hour of class, we were just watching a bunch of short films to get a sense of what other people have done and spark some ideas for us. It’s been about 5 days since I’ve had class and so far I’ve got nothing.

I went on this website,, where there’s a bunch of short films of every genre. This is where I found this one short film called, “I’ll Wait For the Next One” by P. Orreindy. It’s about a man sharing his views on love and his search for finding his soul mate on the subway in France. While he’s on his rant about love, this one female is hung up on every word. The man says to the woman if you believe in what I’m saying, you’ll get off the train with me on the next stop. So what does the hopelessly romantic woman do? Get off the train.

This is where biggest plot twist happened in the film! When the woman gets off the train, the man tells her it’s all apart of an act. So everything he was saying was just a skit! So she got played by a random man on the train and then to make it worse got off the train at a stop that probably wasn’t hers.

That short film “phenomena” we did in class actually inspired me to create the a short film called, “The Make-Up.” I don’t want to give too much away just in case I try to post it on the website for everyone to see. But stay tuned!

Just in case no one has heard of “I’ll Wait For the Next One,” it’s a good film. Check it out right now!