Silicon Valley Finale Recap

Silicon Valley Finale Recap


Well season 2 has come to a close. HOLY F***ING SHIT (wait a minute I can curse) HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Mike Judge you sir are a comedy wizard. First you created Beavis and Butthead than you wrote Office Space all while writing for Saturday Night Live (can I be you?) Last season you delivered one of the greatest scenes in television history in the season one finale.

Don’t believe me (or don’t watch the show) don’t worry you don’t need to hop on your browser and Google “great scene in silicon valley finale” or “finale scene comedy silicon valley” or “Mongoose Vs. Cobra” (forget what I said, Google “Mongoose Vs. Cobra”, it’s amazing)

But I digest (Family Guy Blue Harvest reference) (my references are out of control) (I’m the reference guy) (How many parenthetical statements are too many parenthetical statements) (no such thing as too many). The rumors are true I have “Very Severe ADD”. Just stop reading this and click the link below to watch the clip.

Tip-To-Tip Efficiency

If you don’t think that’s funny than you’re an idiot. That’s Grade A humor served up on a silver platter. Needless to say Mike Judge had to come up with a way to top himself this year. Well, he came pretty fucking close. Leading into the finale there were so many things left unfinished which kept you wondering: “how the fuck is he going to wrap everything up with a pretty little pink bow.” The short answer: he didn’t.

The long answer: the rest of this post (it won’t be that long. Like I said “Very Severe ADD.”) Coming into the finale we witnessed the end of the arbitration and what we thought was the end of PiedPiper (Let’s be real we knew this wasn’t going to be the end of PiedPiper.) But oh how we were wrong. You know what I don’t remember as much as I thought I did about this finale so let me re-watch the episode and then I’ll be back to share with you my thoughts.

Alrighty, I’m back. Did you miss me? No? Well fuck you I didn’t miss you either. Asshole. So the episode starts out right where the last one began as we see the entire group sitting monitoring their live stream, which is now starting to get attention. While they sit around talking about how unfortunate it is that they are going to have to give the company over to Hooli Ehrlich is approached with a unique opportunity. He decides he is going to sell the house. The fuck? How can you sell the incubator man!

So after Ehrlich returns inside and announces what he is going to do Gilfoyle brings forward the brilliant idea of deleting everything. Richard obviously say’s no because he is a total pussy. No but actually he says something about how he doesn’t want to destroy what he spent all this time building. Blah blah blah total puss move.

Honestly the best line in the entire episode comes up next. They’re all sitting around the table trying to figure out what they are going to do with PiedPiper when Jared pipes up and asks the gang who Manny Pacquiao is because he has tweeted about their live stream. After Gilfoyle explains that he is one of the most recognizable people on the face of the planet Jared responds with “Oh, he’s the Filipino legislator.” 10/10.

So Richard is now called back to the arbitrator because he has come to his ruling. While we wait patiently to hear what the eventual outcome of the case will be we see the PiedPiper team frantically trying to keep up with the increased viewership that the Filipino legislator has brought to the site. But that’s all fine and dandy lets just get to the ruling already.

Well, fuck. The arbitrator has come to his decision and, unfortunately, he has ruled in favor of Gavin Belson and Hooli. Stating that because of the test of his software that Richard ran on a Hooli computer they actually are found to own the underlying intellectual property that is responsible for the creation of PiedPiper. Game over. They’re kaput. They lost it. Fuckin’ a man.

Richard looks distraught, hunched over at the table. However, as the camera pans down we now find out that he was texting Jared and informing him to completely delete PiedPiper. Well done Richard you’re finally acting like a man. But wait…

The judge continues on and apparently Richard’s contract was unlawfully pursuant to California state code. Loopholes got to love them. So it turns out that Richard actually retains control of PiedPiper. FUCK YEAH! Love it. Absolutely love it. I knew it was coming but I wasn’t quite sure how so I literally stood up out of my seat and was clapping. Everyone loves a good underdog story.

So the ruling is in and it’s in favor of PiedPiper. But wait Richard already told the guys to delete it right? So what’s happening with that? Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Mike Judge’s follow up to the tip-to-tip scene from last year’s finale.

Lemon Scene

How the fuck does he do it? I feel bad for any siblings of Mike Judge. Constantly having to live in the shadow of his greatness. Shit now I know how my older brother and younger sister feel. It’s like; I’m just so awesome you know? How do they deal with it? Everything I touch turns to gold you may as well call me King Midas. But hey, they’re good kids.

So we are now shown a glimpse of Gavin returning to Hooli and it seems like he’s going to be fired. Hell yeah, fucking hated that dude. Holy shit really? It seems like the new CEO of Hooli is going to be…Big head? Holy shit. That’s amazing. Now I really can’t wait for next season.

So here we have it. Cue the credits. Press play on another Danny Brown song and end the season. Oh, hey Monica haven’t seen you in a bit how are you doing? Oh awesome you guys bought out Russ Hanneman one last time. Ok I like it. I mean he was more or less responsible for actually getting PiedPiper to this point. So he just sold off the shares of his company to Raviga. Amazing! Yes they did it. Now the company is under the proper leadership for the board.

Wrap this season up in that pretty pink bow Mike. Wrap it up. Wait. What? Mike…what are you doing? What are you doing MIKE? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING MIKE! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!



Well, if you didn’t watch this episode but decided to read this post anyway you’re probably a little confused as to what I’m actually talking about. So Richard just got fired. Oh NOW YOU ROLL THE CREDITS MIKE? FUCK YOU!

Honestly I’m left with so many questions. Is Big Head the new CEO of Hooli? Speaking of CEO’s who is going to replace Richard as CEO? What is going to happen to Richard? Are they ever going to get an office? I’d love to see them in an office. Damn you Mike Judge you Ecuadorian wizard why’d you have to end it like this.

So needless to say, I’m pumped for next season. With so many questions left to be answered the Season 3 premier can’t come soon enough. But until then we at least have season 2 of True Detective to look forward to. In Vaughn we trust.