Singer Abbey Smith covers SWV “Weak,” it’s Ah-May-Zing!

Singer Abbey Smith covers SWV “Weak,” it’s Ah-May-Zing!

There are these moments that happen on social media where I am always grateful that music artists are supportive of one another. Support, a word that is often no mentioned or shown a lot of as it pertains to this generation. For some reason we have this weird idea that there isn’t enough to go around…there is. But I was introduced to singer Abbey Smith by way of gospel music artist Briana Babineaux or as her supporters know her on social media¬† ( @simply_BEBE_ ). Briana reposted a clip of Abbey singing and I immediately went to Abbey’s page and did the social media stalker move that is widely accepted (at least I think it is) I basically played all of her clips where she was singing.


Abbey Smith with guitar friend covering SWV’s hit song “Weak”

Her voice is amazing, I have never heard anyone cover SWV’s hit song “Weak” the way Abbey did. With every note she matched perfectly with the guitar (whoever the guitarist is he is amazing as well) she took that song to a whole new level. Abbey Smith is a church girl from West Memphis, it wasn’t hard to pick up on that even though she states it in her bio, there are certain giveaways that I can usually pick up on (I sang in a choir for the bulk of my childhood). Abbey Smith has that soul that I hope she continues to share with the world. I cannot wait to see what she gives us next! Watch her full cover of SWV’s hit “Weak” below.


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