Single Girl Blues….

Single Girl Blues….

Now I have a tumblr page and maybe I should keep my business there BUT this is also a lifestyle blog so my life at times drips over onto this blog. Today is that will be the case! So you see the title, “Single Girl Blues” yes that is what I have today. The funny thing is I don’t feel like this all the time usually I feel like this…


I will put on some Beyonce and feel all independent and shit singing at the top of my lungs “Me, Myself & I is all I got in the end thats what I found out, and it ain’t no need to cry I took a vow that from now on Imma be my own best friend!” But then I soon realize that as I am singing my single heart out somewhere Beyonce is sitting pretty and married with the love of her life meanwhile somewhere in Brooklyn my singing self is SINGLE. Now there is nothing wrong with being single BUT at times you have a day like today in which you realize that you might want to turn in your single girl card. You go to bed at night and can’t sleep because you are now starting to realize that you may never find Mr. Right.


So what do you do, you go through your phone book and start texting the very same boys you have saved in your contacts as “Do Not Answer Under Any Circumstances” and you end up calling them. You go out with your girls get cute and try to see what is out there, because while your not looking for a husband just yet…you honestly just want a good meal, a movie, and some great conversation. Then you find a guy and he seems okay, you talk or text or do both and it seems to be going well and then BOOM it goes sour quick. Your back at square one playing Beyonce, and this time its “Single Ladies” something you can dance to and feel better about.

Sounds familiar? I raised both my hands! So this is how the “Single Girl Blues” set in and today my day has come. Because I honestly want a regular decent guy who just wants to build a relationship with someone who want the same things. I believe there are good guys out there, but this is not a post about that this post is about single girl blues. So my single girl blues for today started because of a guy who lied. Long story short, I was talking to a guy and everything was going well but then I noticed he started lying, for me thats a bad first sign because if you will lie to me about dumb silly things then when it comes to the big things I should never expect the truth.

So of course I cut that short and then I asked one of my male friends why do guys lie? He simply said, “Oh…to impress girls.” Really? So simple huh? I feel like when you lie early on you melt away trust that has yet to even be earned yet. You messed up potential trust smh! So where do I go from here? I have no clue that is why I have the Single Girl Blues lol. I do think I will find someone but I just want my someone now…I don’t even feel like playing all the games and back n forth, I just want to honestly get to know someone and build with them. But I will not go get those cookies and ice cream and sit in my pj’s and watch Waiting to Exhale and scream Bernadine’s lines word for word, because sometimes it gets that serious I will however just simply try again. But it soooo sucks to keep trying again lol!

For my ladies with the Single Girl Blues this song is for you!