Stacey Dash calls to end Black History Month

Stacey Dash calls to end Black History Month

Stacey Dash really is Clueless

Stacey Dash is known for her hit roll in the 1995 movie Clueless, in which she played the character Dionne, a shallow, rich, clueless girl who was the best friend to the equally shallow, clueless, rich friend Cher. To say that art imitates life is an understatement when it comes to Stacey Dash, we have heard her voice her opinions time and time again on sensitive issues that she either simplifies or makes big assumptions based on ignorance. Recently Stacey Dash (who is now a FOX contributor) was asked her opinions on Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee’s move to boycott the Academy Awards for lack of diversity. (Not one person of color was nominated in any category)


Stacey Dash’s response was that we need to make up our minds and either be segregated or be integrated. She then goes on to say that the BET network (Black Entertainment Channel) should be off the air as well as awards shows like the N.A.A.C.P Image Awards and the BET awards which award you based on being black. The problem with Stacey Dash is that she simplifies everything, in her world because there is no such award show called the “White Awards” then it is people of color who are separating themselves. Not once does she even question how and why these shows came to be. Why do people of color have to create their own networks and awards show? It is because we don’t want to receive Oscars and Grammy’s or is it because time and time again we have been overlooked and not even considered.

Stacey Dash calls to end Black History Month

We are giving Stacey Dash the Riley Curry glare on this one.

Video: Stacey Dash calls to end Black History Month and BET

The problem with Stacey Dash is that she has a big platform that she can sit on and talk her talk.  Millions of white people tune into FOX news and every other station that she is aired on. I can literally see the head nods in agreement when she said that its a double standard to have the BET awards and Black History Month. The fact that “American History” still does not include our black stories is a big indication that we need to be educated and celebrated by our own people. Black History month and BET is not about segregation, its about creating lanes where we can see and celebrate ourselves. Imagine if we didn’t have what little awards shows and television networks we do have? Flip through all of the channels on your television, you would only have “rachet television” and Shonda Rhimes showcasing black people. I read this tweet that said, “Stacey Dash is the “black friend” that white people always talk about.” I couldn’t agree more.