Styles P and Jadakiss own a Juice Bar?

Styles P and Jadakiss own a Juice Bar?

Styles P & Jadakiss has the hood drinking better

It’s no secret that in poor neighborhoods that are highly populated by people of color there is a lack of nutritious foods that are affordable and available. Rappers Styles P and Jadakiss teamed up and opened Juices For Life a healthy juice bar that is located in low income neighborhoods. They are giving people access to healthy foods that would otherwise not have the opportunity (because they live in food deserts) a way to get the veggies and fruits that they need at affordable prices.

Styles P and Jadakiss open juice bar in the hood

Video: How Jadakiss and Styles P are bringing juice bars to the hood


Styles P and Jadakiss could have invested their money in anything but they decided to do something that would really benefit the people and that is really admirable. It also makes drinking healthy drinks look cool to kids and adults who love them for their music, “if Jadakiss and Styles P is drinking the green stuff it might not be so bad.”¬†

If you want to visit¬† “Juices for Life” they are located at 1026 Castlehill Ave Bronx, NY

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