How To Survive High School Told By Eva

How To Survive High School Told By Eva

So over these past months, I’ve been thinking about making my YouTube channel. I have no clue what I would talk about on my shows or series. I want to have create my own series of shows, but at the same time I want to do regular, funny, stupid videos. I started looking at videos on YouTube on tips and advicedownload (14) on how to start up and have a successful show to get your name out there. th (3)

Along my YouTube search, I found this video from MyLifeAsEva where she talks about good tips on how to start (Which is what I shall be doing beginning this summer. Stay tuned!) She has useful tips by the way in case anyone is looking to start their channel. As I was looking through her page, I realized that she started a little YouTube series of their own, “How to Survive High School,” told by Eva. 

This series is basically about a nerdy freshmen girl who’s trying to survive her first day of high school. I liked it, it’s not something I usually would watch. But I like the concept and how it told a story in only eight minutes. Way to go Eva!

Here’s the video below!


Mazi K