Television weddings that make you grab your tissue box

Television weddings that make you grab your tissue box

So it’s summer and I have been watching a lot of Netflix (smh) and also seeing everyone get married, tie the knot, get hitched, whatever you prefer to call it a lot of that has been going on this summer. We all know summer is wedding season, although I often don’t know why because its so hot I would love to get married in the early fall but those are just my personal thoughts I am still trying to find a man    So while watching netflix and catching up on “Grey’s Anatomy,” I watched the episode when Izzy and Alex gets married and found myself grabbing a bunch of tissues. For me that was just the best wedding ever, mind you Izzie is dying of cancer and Alex is this new reformed by guy that is like so in love with her and it’s just so amazing. So I decided to add some more great television weddings to add to the wedding craze of the summer season…Check them out below and let me know you favorite television weddings!

Grey’s Anatomy: Izzie and Alex’s wedding (I literally cried posting lol)

Martin and Gina’s wedding (They make a destination wedding look so lovely!)

A Different World “Dwayne & Whitley’s wedding”  (I still love this wedding, and I still get super hype when Dwayne comes and sets it off and then takes the girl and marries her! The “Baby Please” always has me screaming!)

Friends “Ross and Emily’s Wedding” (Now the reason this wedding was so great was because Ross said Rachel’s name and we all know how this story ends!)

Saved by the Bell “Zack and Kelly’s Wedding” (The reason why this wedding was so cool was simply because of all the obstacles that they went through to get married. I grew up on Saved by the Bell and loved it when these two finally tied the knot)

Grey’s Anatomy “Baily & Ben’s Wedding” (Who doesn’t love Miranda Bailey? She is a take charge, smart, and sassy doctor but even she has a soft spot. I loved when they gave Baily a new hubby who appreciated and was able to somewhat tame Bailey.)

Jamie Foxx show “Fancy and Jamie’s wedding” (I loved this show back in the day and Jamie tried over and over to get his girl Fancy, they finally made it happen and then moved to NYC)

The Game “Derwin & Melanie’s wedding” (Now although this wedding went all types of wrong I still enjoyed watching and I loved how through all the baby momma drama and friend drama they still did get married)

Well there you have it, my picks for weddings that made me cry, smile, scream at the television, and just wanted to get married at least while the show lasted lol.