The Dreaded 15

The Dreaded 15

Going into college, I knew this would be the most exciting, never-forgetting experience of my life. I was too ready for all the parties, friends and cute boys I was going to encounter when I came to college. Little did I know, there was another thing being talked around on campus, “The Freshmen 15.” The Freshmen 15 is when first-year college students gain 15 pounds during their first semester. From some of the comments from my friends on campus, the freshmen 15 mostly occurs to females because some people think can eat whatever and whenever they want and not gain any weight.

At first, I thought The Freshmen 15 was an absolute myth. My mother gave me the run down of mostly everything I should know about going to college and gaining 15 pounds was definitely not one of them. As my first semester continued I realized there is some truth with The Freshmen 15. A lot of people I met in the beginning of the semester packed on some pounds by the time finals week started up. I think a lot of it has to do with the unhealthy choices given on campus, going out to eat all the time and eating all those midnight snacks. It really hit me that this myth was real when I went back home for Thanksgiving/Winter break. I saw some of my friends from high school who looked a little more healthy than before they left, especially those who went to school down south. (Guess all those grits and biscuits caught up to them!)

I, on the other hand, lost weight during my freshmen year rather than gain. Mostly because I didn’t really eat that many meals in a day because I was always concerned about what I was putting into my body. I never was a big fan of spending all my money, especially on food; I rather spend my money on going shopping. To go with my tight spending, I also have a slight hint of vanity running through my body. I could never allow myself to gain so much weight and spend money on new pant sizes, so I always went to the gym.

For those who want to keep weight off and avoid The Freshmen 15 here are some helpful tips. First off, water is your best friend considering I think soda is the devil. Always to do some kind of workout everyday. You don’t have to go to the gym to get a nice body and stay in shape; home workouts do your body justice too. My last piece of lovely advice is to stay away from the sweets. I personally love to munch on sweets all the time. That is still my biggest challenge trying not to indulge in too many sweets. The moment I feel like I am having too much, my vanity kicks in and tells me to go the gym. I guess having a little vanity never hurt anybody.


Mazi K