The #GLGBikiniChallenge

The #GLGBikiniChallenge

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Summer is approaching, which means that these next two months are meant for whipping that body into shape. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am participating in the three-week diet. I can tell you one thing that I feel better and have a lot more energy than I did before. A tip for trying to eat healthier throughout the day is to plan your meals the night before! That way there is no reason to cheat or fall off track.

My friend recently had me follow Luz Guerrero on Instagram who does online personal training. She posts up some workout videos and some mental inspiration for her followers that I find helpful since I am doing a diet on my own. She puts her own personal progress, as well as, the progress of the some of the clients that she has. Let me tell you that, there’s a major difference after you take on her meal/workout plans! After following her for a few weeks, I’ve realized that I want to look close to that in the next 6 or so months.

Last week, I was scrolling down my newsfeed and saw that Luz Guerrero is creating the #GLGBikiniChallenge. It’s for females to get in shape and get ready to show off their bikini bodies in the summer.

It includes a gym and a home version with meal/workout plans for two months. The gym version cost $40 and the home version is $30. If you want to really strive for that body, then you can get both versions for $50! Compared to other meal plans this one is not expensive what’s so ever and from what I’ve seen on her Instagram it’s worth it! You just have to be able to put the work in to get the right results!

Signups for the challenge have started right now and continue until April 14th! On April 15th Luz will send out the challenge and then on April 20th, the challenge will start!  The challenge will last until June 15th, which is right before the summer starts aka skin out time! Just follow Luz Guerrero on Instagram (@goddesslg) to know more information. You can also go on her website to feel inspired to sign up!

You guys already know I’m taking on this challenge! C’mon ladies! We all want to look good in our bikinis this year! So let’s get started! Sign up with me!



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