The Majesty of South Street Seaport

The Majesty of South Street Seaport

I tend to rant about a lot of things, but today folks, the sun is shining brilliantly and I just got the coolest McDonald’s themed plate so I am feeling joyous. Thus, I have decided to embark on an anti-rant about how much I adore the vibes of this wonderful little place in New York called South Street Seaport.

I ADORE SOUTH STREET SEAPORT. And you should adore it too because I said so. And because it is fairly amazing.

South Street Seaport is located sort of but not really below the Brooklyn Bridge. When Hurricane Sandy hit a few years ago, a lot of places in this section of New York were destroyed or severely damaged. Walking through the adorable cobblestone streets, a few businesses can still be seen with boarded up doors and windows since these places sadly did not yet recover from the storm. However, plenty of the shops and restaurants in South Street did recover, and quite beautifully at that.

There are not a lot of cars in this section of New York, just one of the reasons why I am so fond of it. Not having to fear for my life every time I see  a crazy cab driver approaching at an alarming speed is quite nice. On Saturdays in the spring, a section of one street is closed in Seaport because there is a food and flower market which visitors can stroll through. Nearby, there is a magnificent restaurant and bar that my mother drools over every time she visits: Paris Cafe, ironically run by a lovely Irish couple. I roll my eyes and insist that we try some place new, but really this place is excellent, particularly their soups.

Next to the cafe is a wine shop that has an old Fiat in the shop filled with bottles of champagne. This wine shop offers free wine tastings every Saturday afternoon. After visitors get sufficiently buzzed off of free wine, they can stroll along the river and enjoy a glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge from a new point of view. And if free booze, good food, and better views is not enough to convince someone of Seaport’s majesty, I do not know what is.

This place is a unique part of Manhattan that someone would not necessarily think of when Manhattan comes to mind. I love the food, the views, the vibes,and even the pretentious overpriced dog shop there because they are all just so damn cute. I can even forgive the existence of the Abercrombie and Fitch store nearby. The spirit of the community I really feel here, as opposed to other parts of Manhattan, because all these businesses were affected by Hurricane Sandy and they are all trying, or already did, strive to reopen their places, making them even better than before. There is still a lot to be done before Seaport is restored to what it once was, but the progress it is making is empowering and just goes to show how strong and preserving New Yorkers can be.