The Premiere of Fuller House

The Premiere of Fuller House

On February 26, 2016, Netflix is going to bring back one of the hit shows of our generation, Full House! Netflix is really trying to make some money considering they are bringing back shows like Degrassi and Gilmore Girls to keep their viewers entertained. I found out about the premiere of Fuller House by scrolling down the Netflix Twitter page just to see what Netflix has up there sleeve and the return of Full(er) House is exactly what I came across. 

The official trailer is up on their page and I honestly can’t wait to see if this show is a complete hit or miss. One thing I can say about shows is that when networks try to recreate them to attract the same audience, they get too caught up on making money and not the content of the show. I just hope they don’t lose the originality of the show that everyone came to love like Degrassi. The newer episodes (post Jimmy) are good, but the older ones were better and they should have those up on Netflix too.

When I was watching the trailer, I realized the character, Michelle, portrayed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen weren’t in the trailer. So I decided to do a little digging to see if they would come later or not at all. Turns out the Olsen twins claim that they didn’t know they were doing a spinoff the original show. There are some comments that the Olsen twins don’t feel like actresses anymore, since they have their own clothing line. How could you not let the twins that Fuller House was going to Netflix? Something doesn’t seem right about that one, but I’ll let it go for now. I do feel like Michelle’s character will be missed and it’s stated that her absence will be explained in the first episode.

Hopefully, Netflix doesn’t release all of the shows at one time (which it probably will) because I will binge watch them and be upset once the season is over. But if you haven’t seen the full trailer yet, check it out right here! Be sure to catch the Premiere of Fuller House on February 26!