The River Jordan…A Short Film

The River Jordan…A Short Film

1470421_10101401297206118_358612927_nI am sure someone on the planet even if its just one other person other than myself noticed that this blog has not been updated since October and we are now in December. The reason… I was filming my very first short film! (Clap for ah sista one time)

I saw this film contest posted on someone else’s facebook page on November 1st, I then got the bright idea to enter the contest but the trick was it was due December 5th. At first I wanted decided in my mind the time was to short, but I let my mind drift and the story unfolded in one night.

I then posted the ages of the characters I would need (this was all without actually writing the script down on paper) I knew all the characters, as they say “It was all in my head.” I now know when a person seriously says they have a plan and its all in their mind they might actually be telling the truth. I didn’t have a script to show anyone but I knew how the story was going to start and I knew the ending, I knew all the characters, I felt all of their emotions and I had to keep moving forward.

1450039_10101429293336648_113013486_nIt took me 3 nights (3 hours each night I had to get up early for work each day)  to write the short film and no it was not edited. I sent out the unedited version to people who were interested in the film (this was all week one) The second week I was able to get in contact with a great friend who did filming and editing while back in college (DIGGZ I LOVE YOUR EMOTIONAL SELF FOREVER!)

I then met up with his production team (Anecessarie Film) and had a meeting to discuss the short film. The main obstacle would be shooting a film in one to possibly two weekends. I honestly thought it would be impossible, but you know when you have the hunch to just keep going anyway. Once I told to the team they were on board.

1457523_10200357001722539_654316151_nNow I had an unedited script, a production team, there was just one thing left A CAST! The same week I held a reading and casting (At the same damn time) You might be wondering did we overlap and go into another week…the answer is no this was all still the same week. That Friday everyone who emailed me or who I reached out to I asked them to be free on Saturday for a reading. I emailed them the script and started looking for a place to hold the reading.

1474365_10101440072789538_813309489_nThat Saturday I held the reading and then taping began the following Saturday and Sunday, we wrapped last Saturday at 2:30 am. If your bad at math or maybe unable to follow the time table of events, we shot a short film which in full length is 40 mins in 3 days! I watched the full film on Wednesday and today is Friday.

All I can say is #LookAtGod I cannot possibly thank anyone else first besides Jehovah! The way everything happened and the underlining grace that flowed while taping was nothing short of a miracle. The right cast, the right production team, the right script, everything had to be soooo right to pull this off nothing couldn’t work because it would have all messed up.

Everyone knew their lines and everyone worked sooooo hard to get this film created. I don’t know how to thank everyone involved because there were so many people. My sisters who came on set with me and played assistants/ hair, to Candise and Sheana who let us film in their apartments both having children and letting us take over. My mother who drove me back and forth and paid for the cast breakfast and has always supported my big ideas. Then there was the team, the production crew I take my hats off to them they showed up and worked and I learned so much from them.

The actresses, Tiffany Bates, Destiny Mabry, Shaniqua Henry, Zetilda Belvett & Madelyn Reyes you women made my story come to life in ways I didn’t think was possible. They learned lines in less than two weeks and were able to make the story believable and real. To the independent clothing and accessories that were sent from IJayApparel & DollCirca1930 thank you! The stylist Kareem Youngblood thank you!

The one thing I take away from creating this short film, was realizing that I had what it took to get something impossible done. To some it may seem like an easy task or no big deal but to get a cast, a crew, and a team of people to sign on and be committed to being apart of something that has no monetary reward says a lot.

Now that it’s done I am excited to see where goes and what everyone does after this. I know this set of people will be great and I know the film was a good film. I want to make this film a full featured movie, I know it will take time but I also know that it doesn’t seem so impossible.

The short film “The River Jordan” will have a free screening and I will keep everyone posted on date and location!!! Make sure you come out there will be free giveaways, goodies, a q&a session with the cast and crew and you get to see the film!!!!