The Secret To Achieving Your #2016Goals

The Secret To Achieving Your #2016Goals

Have you tapped into the secret weapon for achieving your goals?

By now you may still have an ounce of #NewYearNewMe energy left motivating you, BUT if you are me then you are taking a look at your goals and they now seem like big tasks instead of great goals to accomplish. Take a deep breath in and out you are not alone, I am right there with you. I don’t know what happens, at the top of the year we have all of this energy to do better and be better, to lose the weight and to finally launch our new business. We are shopping for planners and writing down goal after goal knowing without a shadow of doubt that this year will be our year. By the end of January something changes and all of that energy we had is now gone and we can’t even find the planner that we paid damn near twenty bucks for. Sounds familiar?

the secret to accomplishing your 2016 goals


Well, you need the secret weapon for smashing those goals and keeping the momentum up for 2016. I was beginning to feel like my tank was on E (and we are still in January) then I ran smack dab into the secret weapon. Meet Roconia (hey girl hey) she is a writer and all around amazing lady who led me straight to the secret weapon…and she gave it to me in a YouTube video in under 3 minutes…watch below

The Secret Weapon To Achieving Your 2016 Goals (Video)


[Tweet “God wants you to give him something to work with”]

“God wants you to give him something to work with,” major key! When Roconia said that I damn near fell out of my chair at the revelation I just had. And just when I thought my aha moment was done, another key was given, “take part in your own miracles!” Some of my goals and I am going to include you actually feel like you need a miracle to happen for you to reach them. Especially almost a month after the ball drops and it sinks in that you only have eleven months left to accomplish all of these huge goals. I always find myself saying, “I need a miracle, or some type of divine intervention right now.” But in order for God to show up and really drop that miracle we have to do the work even when we are scared. Every goal that you wrote out for yourself at the beginning of the year may now feel like it would be a miracle if you accomplished them all, but miracles happen every single day.

[Tweet “Give God something to work with and watch him show up.”]

And like Rocnia said, even if you don’t believe in God and you believe in the universe the principles areĀ  still the same…you gotta do your part. So make room for your miracle and watch what happens.

Make sure you keep up with Rocnia on her site Eversoroco and her YouTube page.