The Struggle of the Bryson Tiller Concert

The Struggle of the Bryson Tiller Concert

About two weeks ago, I went to Toad’s Place to see Bryson Tiller live in concert. I went with three of my roommates and we were all excited to have an enjoyable Wednesday night turnup. The doors opened at 7pm because the show was supposed to start at 8pm, but we all know artists never come out on time. The amount of people waiting in line at 710pm was absolutely ridiculous. Since there’s no assigned seating, it’s first come first serve which explains why the line was out the door when I got there. And let’s not forget the fact that it wasn’t the warmest weather during this time either. I was glad that I decided to change my outfit from my short black dress to leggings and a crop top.

Right before I got inside, there was a guy on the sidewalk who decided to make “great” comments on my hair. For the record, my hair was in its natural curls and styled in a mohawk. He first started with “Hey curly fry, lemme put some ketchup on top.” People in line started looking around like “Who he is talking about?” until they saw me and realized I’m the only one on line with curly hair. After ignoring the man, you would have thought he stopped, but no he of course had more to say like, “I can put some chili on top of them curly fries too.” I couldn’t wait to get inside, so I didn’t have to hear this guy talk about my hair anymore. I guess the guy was getting upset that I wasn’t acknowledging him, so he then started saying that my pictures would look better if he were in them (too bad I wasn’t taking any pictures at the time). Good thing that was the last of the comment because by that time I was inside.

So 8:00pm came and that’s when his entourage started hyping up the crowd and playing the latest music out there like Future, Drake, reggaeton and dancehall music. The entourage was so excited to be apart of the show (I don’t know why considering they weren’t the reason why any of us were here). The DJ who was playing had good songs, but horrible transitions. It’s like he didn’t know what songs blended well together or how to switch between genres. The only thing I liked from him was when he played DMX (I love DMX by the way. Where my dogs at?!) So after waiting an hour and 15 minutes from Bryson Tiller and he finally came on stage. I will admit that I don’t know every song that he’s made but from what I do hear I like. The only upsetting part of the night is that he only performed for 30 minutes! At least when I saw PartyNextDoor he performed for a solid hour. So it’s safe to say that I will be expecting to see Bryson Tiller again in concert to make up for this short show I got!

And that was my struggle of the Bryson Tiller Concert!


Mazi K