The Student Body Ep.7 When Times Get Hard

The Student Body Ep.7 When Times Get Hard

Christian Smooth is the director, editor and writer of the web series “The Student Body.” I was sent the seventh installment and wondered why I didn’t get the first episode instead. Before watching the seventh episode I wanted to catch up, it wasn’t until watching the first episode I realized that the web series were separate stories. It was not a continuation piece but different stories that made for a good series. Each episode showcases a different story line and plot revolving around college life. I liked that Smooth was able to add real life stories but also throw in curve ball science fiction scenes. Like in episode 5 “The Pledge” the story is about a young college girl who wants to pledge a sorority but the way it ends throws you for a loop. Christian has a talent for taking a normal plot and creating a story that will make you want to see what the next installment of “The Student Body” has to offer. Watch episode 7 below and make sure you like, comment, and share….
Series Synopsis: The Student Body is a semi-Anthology web series set at a fictional HBCU in Baltimore “Nagrom State University”. Chronicling the many trials and tribulations of the students at NSU.
Episode Synopsis: Xander Nicholas thought it was hard for him already after he got fired from Buzzfeed. But times are about to get harder for him with an eviction and an expulsion from Nagrom State University. Xander has no choice but to move in with his abusive foster parents. What will he do when times get hard? Will Dream Visions be the cure to his problems or his demise?

Cast: Samantha Hall – Petra Mike Powell – Chad Ryan Butler – Lyon Juan Brown – Housing Manager Eric Jones – Delivery Boy #1 Christian Smooth – Delivery Boy #2/ Obama Dymarus Cooper – Darius
Crew: Director/Writer/Editor – Christian Smooth Director of Photography – Christian Smooth Director of Photography – Eric Jones Director of Photography – Shane Johnson Camera Operator – Cory McGhee Assistant Producer – Chad Hall
Social Media: Twitter: @StudentBodyWS, IG: @Smoozus (Series Creator), Twitter @Sir_Illustrious( Series Creator), YouTube: TheSmooth House, Website: FB: Smooth House Productions FB: The Student Body