The Student Body Ep.9 “Broken Dreams”

The Student Body Ep.9 “Broken Dreams”

Christian Smooth is the director, editor and writer of the web series “The Student Body,” and he is back with his latest installment “Broken Dreams.” The Student Body web series has been picking up speed as we see how far people will go when it comes to making money. All hell has finally broken loose and Darius is trying to hold on to his organ harvesting company “Dream Visions.” Without giving too much away take a look at the synopsis below and watch the latest installment.

Series Synopsis: Everything Darius has worked for is crumbling around him. Will he be able to Save his Organ Harvesting Empire or will he be defeated. Meanwhile Latisha comes out to her Mama about the evil she has been doing. At the expense of her lover Xander, who is about to under go a organ transplant.




Cory McGhee               Xander Nicolas
Chad Hall                    Jack Bryant
Dymarius Cooper        Darius Parker
Kimia’ Workman          Latisha Mercera
Samantha Hall            Petra Bryant
Consuelo Edwards      Lisa Mercera
Dion Smith                  Detective Harris
John JW Jones           Chief Martin
Kelechi Ofoha             Candace
Christian Smooth        Obama
Nathia Williams           Marsha Brady
William Lowe               Obama Stunt Double
Trebien Parker            Kung Fu Dragon
LM                               As HimSelf
Gionte Bailey              MB
Allan Brathway            Dr. Lovejoy
Key Crew
Assistant Producer Chad Hal
Lead Make Up artist  Consuelo Edwards
Director of photography 
Kinta Thomas 
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