The Summer of Fitness

The Summer of Fitness

As spring break passes me by, the next thing to look forward to is summer! I hear a lot of other college students getting ready to be “skin out” during this 2015 summer season. This sounds scandalous! Hopefully, people are taking the time out to make sure their summer bodies look the best.

Since it was spring break, I decided to take the week off from my workout regime to find some healthy diets that are worthwhile to my summer body goals. My friend recently told me about the app, Pinterest that has different health and fitness plans and ideas for me to try out. After spending about 20 minutes on the app, I found a really good diet that would help me work towards my goals.

It’s a three-week diet plan with just 10 rules:

  1. Drink two glasses of water every morning after first waking up
  2. Drink at least 8 more glasses throughout the day
  3. No grains except 1/2 cup of brown rice
  4. No alcohol & no sugar
  5. Eat 4 servings of protein per day. One serving is 3-4 oz which is like the size of a fist. (Eggs, chicken, fish and meat broiled or grilled)
  6. Eat unlimited amount of vegetables
  7. Eats half as much fruit as vegetables only whole fruit
  8. Eat two tablespoons of oil per day made into salad or over vegetables. Virgin olive oil, raw coconut oil, unrefined but oils, flax seed oil. Herbs and spices used for flavoring & maybe a sprinkle of sea salt
  9. No dairy products except whey protein for smoothies
  10. Enjoy what you’re eating.


When combining this diet plan to the 30-day workout I already am doing, I am going to become the 2015 the summer fitness queen of all time.

For all of you who are ready for your summer body join me for the next month in success! I’m up for the challenge, are you?

Mazi “Fit” K