The Wombats Concert Review

The Wombats Concert Review

I have been a huge fan of The Wombats since my high school days.  I’m referring to the adorable British indie band,not the adorable little animals (although those are perfectly lovely too). One of the band’s older songs, “Little Miss Pipedream”, has been a personal favorite showertime anthem for years. So I was rather thrilled to learn the band would be performing at Webster Hall in New York where I could belt out all the off-key notes to my heart’s content.

The band performed Monday night, and they literally rocked. The show was sold out, and for a good reason; they sound amazing live. There are few things greater in the world to me than boys with accents who sing every emotion I have ever felt and make dirty jokes onstage. The band played a good mix of older songs and ones from their recently released third album, Glitterbug. Life in film, another British Indie band, and Cheerleader, a newly formed band from Philadelphia, opened for The Wombats. The openers did an excellent job performing and getting the audience even more excited for The Wombats.

After Cheerleader was done performing, the band members mingled into the audience to watch the rest of the show in the audience like mere peasants. Cute peasants. There was a rather tall man who kept bumping into me, and I was about to cuss him out (kidding, I’m fairly terrified of strangers and confrontation). My friend informed me that the tall bumper was in fact the  lead singer of Cheerleader, the cutest peasant of them all. I accidentally on purpose proceeded to butt bump him seven times, no big deal.

It was really cool to see him get into the music just as much as everyone else. Like all good concerts, the floor was shaking from everyone jumping and dancing, weed wafted through the air, and sweat marks formed on my ass by the end of the night as I lost my voice from singing my heart out without anyone telling me to shut up because I “am in a Denny’s restaurant, not Carnegie Hall.”

Anyways, it was absolutely the perfect evening of sex, question marks, and rock n roll.