There goes the Boom…Beyonce drops new Visual album

There goes the Boom…Beyonce drops new Visual album


So while other artists were preparing for the holidays taking off work and chilling with the kids Beyonce did the unthinkable…she dropped an album with no marketing….no announcements…no nothing. An entire album dropped today like that was normal and sent social media into a frenzy.

But wait there is more, not only did she drop an entire album entitled “Beyonce” she added 17 videos to go along with her 14 new songs. You can purchase at her site


I just feel like Beyonce did not care if I got fired from my job today, when I got a text about her new album I literally yelled “No this chick did not drop an entire album and not call me.” I gave zero f**ks about work and just wanted to watch all the videos and listen to all the songs especially when I heard Baby Blu was on one of the tracks, track 14 is Blue (featuring Blu Ivy) how cool is that.


Even though the album seems to have dropped clear out of thin air it actually took about a year and a half to create. And don’t think she didn’t pull out her little black book of talented artists and producers to make this album something special. Artists and producers such as JAY Z, Justin Timberlake, Drake, The Dream, Miguel, Frank Ocean, Hit Boy,Terry Richardson, Melina Matsoukas, Hype Williams, Timbaland, and many others are all featured on this album.


Check out some of the video previews



This is why Beyonce is still King out here in these music streets.