“Thugs” Bring Holiday Cheer to the ‘Burbs

“Thugs” Bring Holiday Cheer to the ‘Burbs

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Ho! Ho! Hold up! Earlier this week a video entitled “BROTHERS BRING THE HOOD TO THE ‘BURBS AT CHRISTMAS”¬†from the YouTube prankster Tom Mabe went viral. The video features five talented singing brothers dressed in all black going door-to-door in a suburban community in Louisville, Kentucky.

In Mabe’s video description he wrote: “LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING! Contact: Tom@TomMabe.com
What happens when THUGS crash the whitest neighborhood in the city?” For the interactions shown on camera, resident would close the door after seeing the group of men and then after hearing them begin to sing “Little Drummer Boy” in harmony, they would eagerly reopen their doors and listen to the group. In the comment section of the video many people raved about the men’s singing abilities, but of course some brought up the conversation surrounding the look and race of the men. Many commentators said they too would have closed the door after seeing the men because of their stature and lack of emotion on their faces initially; however, some were not as vague.

Overall, the comment sections and responses from many gave into the stereotyping that Mabe based this “experiement”/prank on, so for him, he’s preliminary point was proven: looks can be deceiving.