To go to Graduate School or Not go to Graduate School that is the question…

To go to Graduate School or Not go to Graduate School that is the question…

I have been thinking, pondering, worrying, weighing my options, and when I am done doing all of that I end up with a headache and still without an answer to the million dollar question, Should I go to graduate school? Now most people will either flat out scream to the top of their lungs, YES! Take your ass back to school do you see this economy? And then you have the other side screaming to the tops of their lungs, NO! You need to find a job and work pay those loans you already have off and try to move up from there. Are you trying to dig yourself into deeper debt without even knowing what the future will hold once you graduate for the second time?

While both sides hold some strong points it still does not give me clarity on exactly what I should be doing. Graduate school is not like college, for one your parents really expect you to go and finish your undergraduate career once that is complete now its up to you if you want to keep going to take it to the top and enroll in graduate school. Then there is the bigger question, where will I go? And the question that usually causes me to go into anxiety mode, will I get accepted? And last but not least the question that will surely put the nail in the coffin, do I even want to go back to school?

Usually we want to go to college because we believe that once we graduate that we will come out and find our dream jobs or at least be in an entry level position at our dream company. But the realization after college that the dream we had before might need some tweaking almost shocks us to the core. Imagine going to school for four or five years and then coming out to a recession and unable to find a job in your desired career field or even worse not able to find a job at all. It can make the best of us question why we even went to college, but the one thing that we do have is our degrees. In a world where the economy is not looking so hot and you may be stuck at a job you have you wonder, which way out is up?

Don’t be alarmed I am here with you but I must say there is still hope! You can take some time off after college to see how much you adore and I use that term loosely life after college without rushing back to graduate school. But what if you are apart of the friendly few like me who already took that time and is now back in limbo mode of questioning higher education? Will I be getting a bang for my buck this time around? My answer realistically there is no right answer, because you could find a job in your field and BOOM your back on track, or you could go to graduate school and in two years BOOM your back on track. The main thing is YOUR reason for wanting to go back to school. A lot of times we look at what our PEERS have done/doing and either want to be like them OR want to be nothing like them.

In this situation the cliques and the gossip gang no longer matter you have to ask YOURSELF what is right for YOU? What will make you happy and what do YOU think will help you get back to where you know your supposed to be? And then picture yourself doing it, I remember a quote that said

“Take a step without feet by going there in your mind first, cuz if the mind go there the body gotta follow.” At first it was like ahhh whatever but then I thought about it, everything that I have ever wanted and then got I actually pictured myself doing it and it felt right in my mind. I am not saying that this is the total answer because I have also pictured myself winning the lotto and that has yet to happen lol but I mean actually believing that you can do it, that you can find that job or sit in a graduate class and pass.

For me my anxiety has been me doubting my abilities to perform at the graduate level. Can I keep up or will I fail? I am starting to realize that you will never know what you can do if you already loose the battle in your head. Most times we are our biggest defeat and maybe just maybe if we put our minds to it we really can achieve anything that we want. And know most of all that you are not alone, we often think that everyone has it together and we are the only ones out here still confused but I am here to tell you that you are one of a bunch. Don’t let what your peers have or don’t have dictate how you feel about yourself. You have already done something GREAT and that is graduated from college, nobody on earth not even Sally Mae can take your degree back from you. So you are on the right track despite what your bank account statement says.

Last but not least ask yourself this question: What would you do if you were not afraid? And once you answer that question then Pretend your not afraid and DO IT.