To Pimp A Butterfly

To Pimp A Butterfly

I have finally listened to the Kendrick Lamar’s new album, “To Pimp A Butterfly,” and I thought the album was really good. Kendrick incorporates different genres of music, such as rap, hip-hop, spoken word, funk and jazz into this album. Some of the songs, like “Complexion” and “The Blacker the Berry,” relate to a lot of problems going on with police brutality and the black culture. It’s kind of refreshing for someone to touch base on the issues going on instead of just trying to make a hit for some money. It’s obvious there was a lot of deep and intellectual thought put into this piece of work.

People will either love or hate the album: there’s no in-between. His album isn’t something you listen to at parties or while you’re relaxing and chilling with your friends, rather to listen to when you’re in deep thought. For people who are interested more in mainstream music, this isn’t going to be something that they are going to be accepting or willing to listen to. That’s the reason for when I say that people will either love or hate this album.

Some of friends expressed how much they liked the album because it was different compared to what’s being played on the radio or the type of music he usually makes. My favorite songs off the album are “Momma,” “Alright,” “King Kunta” and “The Blacker the Berry” and basically everything else off “To Pimp A Butterfly.”

Compared to his previous albums, I think Kendrick has truly stepped out of box with this one. It’s different from some of his past work. “To Pimp A Butterfly” really showcased his talents, especially when he did the spoken word. With this, he’s showing how versatile he is by combining these different issues and genres into one album.

With that being said, if you haven’t listened to Kendrick’s new album, you better listen to it right now! Here’s a review of what the album is about and how it shows that Kendrick is versatile.