Today I took time to enjoy “The View”

Today I took time to enjoy “The View”

It was super duper cold outside today and worst of all ice was everywhere, but I had one mission to make it to the taping of “The View.” I got an invite from ABFF (American Black Film Festival) to attend the show because Director Spike Lee would be a guest. I had no idea until I did a little research that getting a ticket to be in the audience of “The View” was like scoring the golden ticket. Attendance is permitted once every twelve months (yes I said twelve as in a year) so you have one chance a year to score yourself some tickets to attend the show. (And I just so happen to get two tickets with no waiting, wishing, or praying, for a chance to attend).


When I arrived (9:45am) I thought I was going to have to wait outside in the freezing cold, I was right lol but only for twenty minutes guests were being checked in and the line was decent in length. Once you show your ticket you get a blue wrist band (this means you are now going to be apart of the show). Upon entering ABC studios you get checked (metal detectors checked) once that is over and it’s very quick the staff hands you some snacks (Juice and Chex Mix) you make your way to the chill out area. Now the chill out area is where you unwind use the bathroom and wait until it is time to go up to the main studios for filming. We sat for another twenty minutes, by this time it was around (10:15 am) they made some announcements and made sure we had our “yellow paper” on hand (release forms). -10We were sent in groups to the studio (I was apart of group one) we had to walk down a long hall which looked like a loading area if you didn’t know any better. Once I realized we were almost there (the bright orange screen tips you off) I noticed the set was small. On television everything looks so much bigger even the hosts are very small in height and weight. I made my sister tag along with me, we took our seats next to each other and waited patiently for the show to begin. While my sister just enjoyed coming I was on a mission to learn as much as possible  about with the little time that I had. Here is what I noticed, there are about twenty cameras rotating at all times, a photographer who snaps pictures (for social media and keepsakes) a makeup artists who is literally the (she works so fast on every host even their hands have makeup on them lol).

What I loved most about the show was that it really is live taping and with live taping comes fast paced movement. During commercial breaks the hosts which consists of Rosie O’ Donnell, Nicolle Wallace, Rosie Perez, and lastly my girl Whoopi Goldberg literally go through the “hot topics” right there on the spot, they don’t talk about what they are going to say before the show they get a stack of blue cards and pick through the topics that interest them the most. The setting changes for guest interviews and all this is done during the commercials. In one set of commercials (the time it takes a person to get a drink from the fridge and come back to the couch) the set goes from the famous table setting to an interview style setup (I thought there were two stages). The set crew is taking care of all of this meanwhile the co-hosts are answering questions from audience members who are getting their makeup retouched, and making sure they are on their mark by the time the show comes back from commercial.


I remember a long time ago there was a debate going back and forth because the creator Barbara Walters supposedly had standards on how smart a potintial co-host had to be in order to be considered for the show. I thought if this were true Ms. Walters was being a bit extreme until my visit. Everything is super fast and super slow at the same time, the actual show is an hour but it feels longer. We thought the show was not live because while my sister and I waited it seemed like time was passing but it really wasn’t. Everything was on schedule and we went live at 11am on the dot. The hosts were all nice and took questions and really answered them during commercials, I now hold a special place in my heart for each of them.


I was invited because Spike Lee was going to be a guest, I had no idea that plus sized model Ashely Graham who recently is making headlines for her amazing Sports Illustrated pictures and commercial was also going to be a guest. Ashely looks absolutely gorgeous, everything about her is gorgeous, and she is really down to earth not to mention because she came we all got $100 gift cards to get a swimsuit from Swimsuits For All which starts at a size 8 and goes all the way up to a size 34 (so every curvy woman can find something nice).


Director Spike Lee came out after Ashley and of course I went nuts, it is always cool to see someone you admire and hear them speak about their projects or their personal journey. Spike Lee has created some of the classics, and as soon as he took the stage I was all ears, (I was just watching him on television accepting an NAACP Image Award) and now I was but a few feet from the man who made “Do The Right Thing” and “Malcolm X.” Spike Lee has a new film coming out called “Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus.” Spike actually raised the money for his film on kickstarter, he got the idea from one of his film students who had done the same thing. After Spike left, Jose Rodriguez who plays “Victor Rasuk” in the new film “50 Shades of Grey” stopped by to tell everyone how he got his role in the steamy film.


All in all I learned a lot about live television in my one trip to “The View,” it was so fascinating to see how everyone even down to the hype man (which was hilarious by the way) made everything work perfectly. Now we know nothing is perfect but the entire time I sat and took in my surroundings all I kept thinking was “this is live television.”  From the set crew, the sound guys, the film crew, the makeup artists, all the producers, photographers, hosts, security, light crew, tech crew, and every other crew all worked together to make an hour on live television look like a regular conversation over the kitchen table with some cool down to earth women who all reminded you of someone you knew in real life. So while the sky was grey, the ground slippery, and the wintry mix of ice and rain made for a hard commute,  I must say I enjoyed “The View” today.

Creator of Dorm Room Television at a live taping of “The View”

P.S I have always wanted to go on a show and win free stuff and guess what? I DID!!!!!

Goodies from The View (100 gift certificate to “Swimsuits for all” these cool water proof speakers (I can listen to my music in the shower and the speakers can be in there as well) a bracelet from Rosie O’Donnell’s new show “A Heartfelt Stand Up,” and lastly the 101 Dalmatians DVD. I scored!