Tomi Lahren vs Charlamagne Tha God

Tomi Lahren vs Charlamagne Tha God

Tomi Lahren takes on Charlamagne

Tomi Lahren has come under a lot of fire since she made her remarks speaking out against Beyonce’s super bowl halftime performance. We know, not everyone likes Beyonce but that was not Tomi Lahren’s reason behind her comments against singer and actress Beyonce. Tomi had an issue with Beyonce saluting the Black Panther Party during the halftime show. Her reasoning was that the Black Panther Party was a “hate group” that used violence against police. If Tomi Lahren took even five minutes to google the Black Panthers she would know that they were not a hate group. Radio personality Charlamagne who is one of the hosts of the “Breakfast Club” on Power 105.1 gave Tomi the “Donkey Of The Day.” If you are not familiar with what the donkey of the day is, its what Charlamagne gives out to people who do or say stupid stuff. Tomi Lahren had a problem with this and invited Charlamagne on her show to go toe to toe. Watch the interview below…


I’m really glad that Charlamagne went on her show because Tomi is really misguided, even with all the facts and examples Tomi Lahren still insisted that the Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter movement are hate groups. What was more disturbing is that she puts the KKK and the Black Panthers on the same playing field. The KKK is a hate group, they went around and still go around killing Black people because they are Black. Nobody in the Black Lives Matter movement has killed anyone because they were white, nobody in the Black Panther Party killed White people simply because they were white. Both the Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter movement came about because of racism and police brutality against Black people. It really bothers me that people will address the groups but now why they came about. All in all I am happy that Charlamagne went on her show, at least it gave another side to the story.