Our Top 5 Favorite Martin Episodes

Our Top 5 Favorite Martin Episodes

I don’t know a person who doesn’t laugh when an old episode of Martin comes on. One of the best shows in the 90’s and in 2014 it is still a reigning comedy show on television. You can catch an old episode on just about every other channel you turn to. I know that I am playing myself trying to narrow it down to the top 5 Martin shows but I would be here forever if I didn’t stop at 5. So after carefully reviewing some of my favorite shows and laughing until my stomach hurts these are the top 5. Let me know your top 5 Martin episodes!

#5 Martin looses his job and has to go down to the unemployment office. “Have you ever been to the unemployment office Gina?” “HELLO NO I GOT A JOB!”


#4 Gina and Martin take’s a trip to Philly but get’s stuck at a bus station. The opening scene alone cracks me up every single time, but peep the snow in Sheneneh’s hair lmaoo! “And tell Pam I am looking for her to! Just because its Seasons Beatings!” lmaoo


#3 Martin gets a ticket and decides to fight and go to court. “What does G.T.D stand for?” lmaoo!!!


#2 Gina looses Martins Piston tickets and has to work for Sheneneh at her salon for a day to get them back. There is no character that Martin has ever played better than Sheneneh! The relationship between Pam and Sheneneh is sooo funny!


#1 When Martin interrogates his friends because his CD player goes missing is thee funniest episode of Martin to me of all times! The fake dog! If you watch even Tommy couldn’t keep a straight face lmaoo!!!


Just posting these episodes had me cracking up laughing!!! This show is classic no matter what time of day you watch you will laugh!