On Snapchat? 8 people you should be following…

On Snapchat? 8 people you should be following…

I think it’s safe to say that the new social media craze at the moment is snapchat, a video application that allows its users to send short videos, chats, and also allows you to draw on pictures. It was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown while they were students at Standford University. This cool concept is not the first of it’s kind but somehow with great marketing this is the video app that we all love. The allure of this video app is simple, everything disappears.

After 24 hours all of the videos that you previously recorded the day before will be automatically deleted. You can download your short videos (snaps) but for the most part they become a distant memory. We (dormroomtv) absolutely LOVE snap chat, if you are not currently on snap chat OR if you just got on snap chat you may might be wondering why we all say “Bless Up,” or came to the conclusion that if we ever needed plastic surgery we were going to see Dr. Miami. Here are some of the people that we are currently stalking, I mean following on snapchat…

Dr. Miami “TheRealDrMiami”


If you are on snapchat and you do not follow “TheRealDrMiami” you need to first ask yourself this question, do you have a weak stomach? If you do then don’t follow him, Dr. Miami is a plastic surgeon who snaps his surgeries. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly, he literally snaps entire surgeries, (I don’t know what type of documents you have to fill out when it comes to being snapped naked) but Dr. Miami holds nothing back. From butt lifts to breast implants all while playing hip hop. I watch his snaps from time to time and I usually end up trying to figure out how he is going to do my lipo lol.

Dj khaled aka “Dj Khaled”


I don’t know when Dj Khaled got on snapchat but someone should have told me the minute he created his account. Dj Khaled is by far one of the funniest people I follow on snapchat and he is not even trying to be funny. He gives out his “life advice,” by way of watering grass and taking elevators up and down to let us all know that, “they don’t want to see us go up, but we gotta go up…bless up.” His lessons on being successful while they may hold some truth his deliverance is just too hilarious to pass up on. They don’t want you to follow him but follow him anyway, bless up. (If you follow Khaled you will get the joke)

Mia Ray aka “OfficialMiaRay”

Mia Ray is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who also has thee cutest and funniest kid on snapchat. Santana is his name and being a kid is his game, following Mia Ray is following both her and her youngest child (who happens to be a cute toddler) as she builds her brand. While her snapchat is not an info session, she does provide helpful tips on beauty, business, fashion, and couponing. I really like following her she keeps it real in her snaps and I adore Santana, it’s like watching the coolest family reality tv show.

Myleik Teele aka “Myleik”


I absolutely love everything Myleik Teele, she is the creator of Curl Box and she is everything  business and books! You will follow her as she maintains her brand, travels, cooks (she is a great cook by the way) never tried her food but it always looks so yummy. Myleik also provides business tips, life tips, hair tips, and so much more. If you are looking for a snapchat that will inspire you and actually provide real tips on business by way of living it then I highly suggest following Myleik.

Aimee Song aka “SongOfStyle”


I absolutely love following fashion blogger Aimee on snapchat, she travels all the time, she is funny, and she dresses amazing. If you love fashion and quirky comedy I would definitely suggest that you follow her on snapchat. She is very down to earth and usually answers questions and talks to her snappers.

Karrueche Tran aka “Karrueche”


Ever since I started following Karrueche on snapchat she has been my friend in my head. I have always thought she was cool despite what blogs and the media portrayed her to be. Following her on snapchat you get to see that she is a regular girl who is funny and cool. And she really is hella funny, I watch all of her snaps, and believe it or not she has a very down to earth personality. So yup, go right on and follow Karrueche she cool y’all.

Keke Palmer aka “Keekthasneak”


I could watch Keke Palmer’s snaps on snapchat all day especially the ones where she is singing (that girl is super talented). She is super funny and shows that she is just a regular girl who happens to know how to sing, act, and, dance. Keke shows us her latest nails and allows us to sit at the table with her when she is discussing hot topics with her friends. Keke Palmer and I are totally friends in my head.

Ryan Henry (Black Ink Crew Chicago) aka “RyanHenry”


Not only is Ryan Henry from “Black Ink Crew Chicago” easy on the eyes he is also funny to watch on snapchat. Ryan is usually with his friends or complaining that he is lonely (that boy lying lol). He cracks jokes all the time with other members from “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” and takes you behind the scenes (much more real than the show). Follow Ryan if you want a dose of laughter and some eye candy.

So I have added some of my favs who I currently stalk via snapchat, who are some of your favorite people to follow on snapchat? Also make sure you follow (dormroomtv) on snapchat we have a cool policy of following back everyone who follows us, so get with the snap and don’t be afraid to engage with us we love snapping.