Top Ten Trends in 2013 that I don’t want to see make it to 2014

Top Ten Trends in 2013 that I don’t want to see make it to 2014

In less thank 3 good weeks we will be kissing 2013 good bye! Did you get everything on your 2013 list accomplished? If not you have a clean slate to try again next year. There were a lot of trends in 2013 and here are a couple I don’t want to make it to 2014! Now I am sure that these are not the only trends that have taken place this year but these will indeed make you go “yupppp they sure did that a lot.” There will be no order in ranking they have all annoyed me enough to make the list and hopefully we are fully OVER IT enough not to drag it into 2014!


#1 Natural Hair: Now before you try and kill me hear me out. I am sick and tired of everyone walking around saying they have been natural for 5 years like they deserve a medal. I personally could care less about your hair. And then once they go natural they are now able to frown upon women who use relaxers. If your natural kudos to you but please stop acting like you had to do something amazing other than grow your hair out or cut it off. In 2014 let just all wear our Β hair the way we want, compliment one another and move the hell on.


#2 Juicing: Now at least 5 people you know have went on and on about how you should go get you a damn blender and stop eating solid foods because they watched “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” on netflix. It changed their entire life and now they cannot imagine eating a solid food ever again. I mean honestly if your never gonna eat another solid food in life ever again I don’t even want to know you anyway. I don’t have an issue with juicing its a great thing but don’t bring yourΒ concoctions in my face saying “Here taste it…taste it.” No! Drink your juice and leave me alone while I order my burger!


#3 The Harlem Shake: Last year it was the infamous planking and this year it was “The Harlem Shake.” This was cool for all of 10 minutes if that. I don’t want to hear about no more event planning committees making sure we all bring a change of clothing so we can Β make a Harlem Shake video.


#4 Miley Cyrus: Please in this lifetime and the next one don’t bother me about Miley Cryus. Let her be grown and stick her tongue out and stop worrying how and what this millionaire is doing. I mean all I keep hearing about is how Hannah has crossed over to the dark side…well I like her music and her haircut is fab! I can do without her twerking but whatever.


#5 Twerking: And since we flew in the Miley Cryus no fly zone mine as well keep flying right into “Twerking.” Okay Black people in America stop getting mad because white pop culture has zoned in on yet another thing we made up and tried to make it new and do it all wrong. I want everyone who don’t have a butt to leave twerking alone. Simple. Okay if you don’t have a butt you can twerk just go youtube the twerk team before you go out in public places and stick your tongue out like Miley and think your doing something.


#6 Weak Brunches: Yes I said it Weak Brunches! I loveeeee a good brunch but if you do not know that brunch is not just eggs and chicken then please don’t invite me to your weak brunch. Also I can’t do brunch every weekend and why if I love brunch so much…because I am sleep lol


#7 New Scandal Watchers: Now we are on season 3 and the first 2 seasons of Scandal are on Netflix so don’t and I repeat DON’T ASK ME NO QUESTIONS! I am sick and tired of people acting like I am their personal google when it comes to what happened season 1. If you still do not know whoΒ Stephen Finch is, who killed Verna Thorne, and why “Defiance” is relevant then go that way with your, “But I know what B613 is tho” comments. In 2014 everyone better be caught up!


#8 Every reality show involving a preacher or their kids: Yes in 2014 I do not want to see any preacher or preachers kids on reality television. There is enough crazy things that can be made into a reality show this is where I draw the line.


#9 #MyBlankIsBetterThanYours: Of all the hash tags that has annoyed me the most in 2013 the #My___IsBetterThanYours has got tah go! I thought it was annoying when I first heard it but when grown ass adults started using hash tags like #MySonIsBetterThanYours or #MyDaughterIsBetterThanYours I was done! In 2014 lets all be great and leave the #MyBlankIsBetterThanYours Hash tag in 2013 please and thank you!


#10 NO FILTER: Okay this is probably worse than #MyfriendsAreBetterThanYours I don’t know why you thought that announcing to the world that you look totally different without makeup would be news but here is the real news WE ALL KNEW THAT! Filters on instagram and any other photo app helps you look flawless or changes the colors in the picture, we all know that when you take your pictures on a daily your looking your best for your 100 likes sooooo why now do we need to know you have taken off the filter ? I bet if I saw you when you posted the picture you needed a filter lol I am over #NOFilter the only filter I need to know about is the filters when I drink water. Leave #NoFilter in 2013…I can’t deal.

Feel free to comment sharing what else needs to be left in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚