Trailer Review: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Teaser 2

Trailer Review: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Teaser 2

Ever since the announcement that LucasFilm had sold to Disney and the adjacent announcement that Disney would be making new “Star Wars” films, the internet has been intensely scrutinizing any new pieces of footage that have surfaced for the first new installment, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. The hype machine around this film is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, bringing together the toxic combination of the “Star Wars” fandom and our modern internet culture. In spite of the gargantuan levels of hype surrounding this film, I feel more and more optimistic and intrigued with each new piece of footage I see and this second teaser trailer is no exception.

While I had a “Star Wars” faze when I was younger, my interest in the franchise has wained quite a bit in the years since. The cult devotion that surrounds this franchise doesn’t really match up with the good-but-not-great films that it has produced, in my humble opinion. The original trilogy has a definite charm to it, but George Lucas’ flaws as a writer/director, which were entirely exposed through the mediocre prequel trilogy, were apparent from the beginning. Now that Lucas is out of the equation, I find myself interested in seeing new talent approach this franchise with a fresh set of eyes. I don’t have anything against “Star Wars”, but for me the film has to work on its on terms and not just as a piece of fan service. This trailer gives me hope that “The Force Awakens” could be just that.

JJ Abrams was a smart but safe choice to direct, given that his “Star Trek” reboot similarly modernized an aging space adventure franchise with a cult following. That reboot managed the difficult task of pleasing both old fans and newcomers alike, and I think Disney is similarly trying to hedge their bets here. What gives me confidence in him as a director, however, is his belief in using tangible sets and props as opposed to CGI whenever possible. The over-reliance on CGI in the prequels was one of its biggest problems, and its refreshing to see so many practical, constructed sets in this trailer.

If I have a concern with the trailer, it’s that it feels a little to much like nostalgia porn. I think any trailer for a new “Star Wars” film is, by design, going to play on what people expect. Also, given how mixed the reception for the prequels was, the primary goal of this trailer is to establish that this isn’t going to more of that. I hope the bathing in nostalgia of the trailers is more reflective of the advertising than the final product, which I hope can also bring something new to this franchise.