Tre Melvin: ThisIsACommentary

Tre Melvin: ThisIsACommentary

For those who don’t know about Tre Melvin, he has his own YouTube channel called ThisIsACommentary. He writes, produces and edits his own videos every week talking about a variety of topics, mostly for comedy. A number of his videos star a character, Watermelondrea, where you see how she lives her ghetto lifestyle, like getting pregnant, being a horrible babysitter, going to college and becoming a psychiatrist.

Over the last year, Tre has partnered with Entertainment One that releases some of the biggest TV shows and movies like The Walking Dead and Insidious. Within the last year, it opened a comedy platform where his episodes of “Dr. Drea” are released on

Most of his videos provide me with pure comic relief; words cannot describe how funny some of his videos are. I’ve been following and watching his videos for quite some time and I never have been disappointed. In addition to his comedic videos, he does also post some serious and inspirational videos that can help people go through a tough time.

If you have never seen any of his videos now is the time to check it out! These bottom two videos are some of my favorite ones from ThisIsACommentary!