Tribute to Missy Elliott

Tribute to Missy Elliott

About three weeks ago, Alyson Stoner made a video tribute to Missy Elliott containing some of Missy’s greatest hits (well at least in my opinion) like Work It, I’m Really Hot and Gossip Folks. Alyson did this tribute because she got the lucky chance to dance in some of Missy’s videos back in the day.

The video features Alyson Stoner along with other dancers doing various types of choreography for each song. They did snippets of those three songs with some high energy dancing.

Alyson wore a red sweat suit resembling what Missy wearing different colored sweatsuits in her videos. There was a girl who had white and black braids in a high ponytail also showing how Missy used to have different colors in her hair with her sweatsuits in her video.

The entire tribute represented a typical Missy Elliott video with a lot of kids, dancing, colorful clothing and hair and having a lot of things going on. I thought the video was great and it really took me back to when I used to love watching Missy’s videos. I’m sure Missy Elliott would be proud of Alyson for doing this tribute for her!

If you love Missy Elliot like I do and haven’t seen the video, you need to see it now!