Tyler Perry lays hands on Bishop T.D Jakes and the crowd goes wild….

Tyler Perry lays hands on Bishop T.D Jakes and the crowd goes wild….

1017011_4828264279381_2011081107_nI know, I know if your like me when this picture surfaced you did a double take. When I first saw the picture I thought, “Maybe its for one of Tyler Perry’s new movies.” That was my honest first reaction, it wasn’t until I saw the comments under the picture that I realized that the picture was real. At first I kind of brushed it off, but then I saw comments like, “Damn anyone can be a preacher” or “How much money does it take to qualify you as a pastor.”
I had my own reservations about the picture and depending on how I feel I will add my thoughts to the post lol but for now lets get into the picture.

The picture was posted on T.D. Jakes Ministries Facebook page, with its caption reading: “I can’t even put into words what all happened today at The Potter’s House! You have to see it for yourself!!!” Well we all saw the picture but I don’t think Tyler or the Bishop thought it might get any type of negative response. Actor, Director, and personal hommie to Oprah Winfrey Tyler Perry went to the Potter’s House which is Bishop T.D Jake’s church and was brought on stage by the Bishop because Perry gave the Youth Ministry at the Potter’s House 1 million dollars. Yes you read correct, Mr. Tyler Perry gave the 1 million dollars to be donated to the youth ministry to create a youth center. Watch the video below…they always have video….

So after watching the video I would love to know YOUR thoughts. I guess I can share mines because I grew up in the church I know all about speaking in tongues and the laying of the hands. I placed this video up first on my personal facebook page just to see people’s thoughts and opinions and I got mixed reviews. I believe that we all have a calling over our lives, I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God so with that said I am in no way coming from a place of ignorance about the what I saw in the video. I do believe that both Tyler Perry and the Bishop believe in Jesus and Jehovah but I also believe that a lot of things done in the church can be exaggerated.

Now I watched this video a couple of times before I came to my conclusion, one Tyler Perry can give his money to who ever he wants it’s his money do what he pleases. I do often wonder though why the rich give to the rich? Secondly, Tyler gave the money to the church why is it on the main stage the next day being praised as if he were any different than the people who attend every Sunday pulling out their wallets giving their last to the church? My thing is Tyler Perry is a celebrity and has a lot of money so what is the difference of him giving 1 million and Sister Johnson coming in every single Sunday giving her pennies to bless the church? Shouldn’t she get the same recognition?

My issue is the church loves to speak as though money is not an issue but praises anyone who gives the most. Lest we forget Jesus lived thee most humble life, I mean he came in riding on a donkey…HELLO! So when it comes to private jets and personal security that these pastors have I always raise an eyebrow. So now we move onto Tyler Perry laying his hands on Bishop T.D Jake’s, well he prayed for him so no big deal the big deal in my opinion is audience. I swear people just LOVE to see some action, I watched that video 5 times and noticed crowd literally goes WILD as soon as Tyler goes in to lay hands on Bishop.

Then to add to the movie like scene from a Tyler Perry movie you see 3 men come out of nowhere to hold Bishop up (this is in case he passes out due to him being in the spirit) So is it real or is this all just excitement over getting 1 million bucks for your church? If someone presented me with 1 million bucks for my church I would need 3 men to come behind me as well. I do think it could have been very real and not for show BUT I also think that people are attracted to a show. Either way I am happy that a youth center is going to be built but I do question the way in which it was presented…sorry. Let me know your thoughts?