Under30NYC Christmas Showcase The REE-cap!

Under30NYC Christmas Showcase The REE-cap!

unnamed“Testing…Testing…123 can you hear me?” As I walked into the lower part of Katra Lounge I heard the deep husky voice of a male doing sound check. The room is half empty as I look around for a friendly face to ask for help. In less than an hour I would be hosting the Under30NYC Holiday Showcase which featured the Street Poets of NYC and many other talented performers.

The room was so dimly lit that for a second you could almost say hi to someone mistaking them for the wrong person. Candles calmed the room and Christmas decorations were gently placed in all the right spaces to let you know the holidays were here. “Hi my name is Sharee and I will be your host.” I nervously said to each of the performers as I was introduced to them one by one, it was Melissa (One of the members of Under30NYC) who was smart enough to make sure I met most the performers so I could pronounce their names correctly.

“Hey Sharee!!” I was greeted by another member of Under30NYC and I knew her face but most of all I knew her designs! It was Angela of ScarfiaDesings looking like a bag of money. She is the Communications rep for Under30NYC and also designs her own accessory line. Looking around the room I couldn’t help but notice all the amazing talent who would perform or was apart of Under30NYC.

unnamed“Sharee do you need to do a mic check?” Angela asked. Well I did but I was listening so intently to a singer by the name of Winston singing a Jodeci song. If this was his sound check I could only imagine what his performance would sound like. “Is everything okay, do you need anything?” Another Under30NYC member asked as I admired her curly fro, I wanted to touch but I know better lol.

Going over names in my head, trying to make sure I didn’t miss a name or worse mispronounce a performer once the show started. “You have about 5 mins Sharee and then we will start.” Okay I thought, this is going to be something special.


The crowd trickled in, the lighting got better I saw faces in the crowd, they were ready to experience something different. The show was amazing, every performer arrived and performed at least two of their pieces. The audience worked with each performer, some poets you had to sing along with them while other performances required your to clap along to an old school song. We all thought we were singers when Songstress Liz sang “Going Down.” What was different about this showcase? I mean when you hear the word showcase you think same ole same ole, singing poetry and everything in between. That may be true but this was different, it catered to the talented and recognized all talent. Yes this was an artist showcase, and yes there was singing and poetry (dope poetry) but it didn’t stop there.

This was an event specifically to advance the dreamers, creators, thinkers, movers, and shakers who all happen to be under 30. A group started by young adults to help other young adults build their network and showcase their talent. If you came to see a show you made sure to bring your business card or had your phone charged to connect with someone.

photo 5

At most showcases once you pay your money its all about the show and that’s it. And while there is nothing wrong with that, the difference between every other showcase and this one was that the audience was also able to showcase their talents as well. Models, poets, politicians, lawyers, singers, rappers, stylist, comedians, or even someone just trying to be apart of something positive were all in attendance.

We all enjoy a great show, but the show is a lot better when you break and can meet that singer who just performed and you have a show coming up and would like to feature them. When you can tell someone, “I am a model” and the person responds “I am a designer, lets exchange info and I will be in touch and hopefully we can work together.” No rolling of the eyes no, “Oh here she go thinking she cute.”

unnamedThe room was warm and filled with talent on and off stage. I felt the energy from the dreamers and GOAL diggers in the room. We laughed like we knew each other for years, made connections as if we had went to school together (some of them I did go to school with)

That was the difference with this showcase. The goal was not to just get money from the audience to put on social networks and become popular. Under30NYC was trying to stay true to their mission, which is to help other independent movers and shakers make things happens for them by creating environments in which they can connect with like minded individuals.

unnamedSome would say the event was a success because of the turn out, and while that might be true I believe the real success was creating a space for people to connect, network, and have a great time in the process. Imagine if you were able to create events with people from all walks of life who were all striving to reach their goals and dreams. You put on events some geared to artists, some geared to entrepreneurs, and even pushing further to not only create  these events but also do it in a way that made people feel welcomed. You would have hit a market and be on to something big and it would most certainly be called Under30NYC 🙂


For more info on how you can be apart of Under30NYC or just be in the know for their upcoming events follow them on twitter @under30NYC or faceboook @Under30NYC and on instagram….I will be at the next event…will you ???