Poem and image from ShannonNia.com

Poem and image from ShannonNia.com

My vision may be impaired for a moment but Ill never know what it means to be blind

I may find moments where I’m at a lost for words but I know eventually I have the ability to say what’s on my mind

My meal plan may get low and my stomach will yell its hungry, but I’ll never know how it feels to consider a dime as a lot of money

I may not wear the fliest kicks and flip script but at least I’ve never experienced sand dunes on my soles

I look on my twitter feed at people my age trying to be “chosen” not knowing that somewhere a child’s lung is closing

I look on my Facebook which should be renamed picture book but the photos of vanity never depict the clarity of the discrepancies we may mistake for fantasies

Are y’all hearing me?

I hope so

And Lord knows I’m not that perfect advocate for realizations but I can attest to a few revaluations

Epiphanies that are only clear to me but I try to express them people claim them as unwritten comedies

But I know that there is more to life than what we see or believe or can conceive because Adam and Eve ate fruit from a tree that was forbidden

So are the truths we have hidden to allow myths to flourish and replace courage with deterrence but package it with the name swag

Oh yeah, and the cool guy with the dark shades and faulty grades with bills unpaid and focused on getting laid is the “ideal man”

And don’t forget about the girl with the curvaceous body fawning ad flaunting without concerning herself with how this may affect her future connections with an office building

Must I remind young ladies about the Windex polished glass ceiling

It’s still gleaming but I won’t get into how your reflection on the glass is not a reflection of misdirection but being born with body parts that are seen as “inferior”

I digress because as a woman any mention of career and glass may cause me to strike some fear in ya through some vernacular of epic proportions and I’m not here to leave intellectual concussions

So back to my initial discussion of things I have never experienced or I hope to never again witness

Forgiveness to those who disagree with my philosophy but I believe we as in you and me have forgotten the importance of unity

You and me

Discovering feeling unfelt within our community

And the youth can see our separations and they go into the world showing the play by play even though we teach them that isn’t the way

But who are we to say when we are the examples and only provide ample visions of racism

Discriminating and the destruction of nations we call home

And I’m not talking about where the buffaloes roam

But I am talking about the greenhouses that never release the gases of our cultures to the masses to be tasted or appreciated

So how dare you walk around jaded when your adding to the mis-education that feeds the parasites that causes the hatred between similar colors, religions and creeds


You and me must work on the uniting of the fighting for equality

We all raise up for different battle but fail to realize as one when can win all the medals

Not the gold and the silver and definitely not bronze

Because if we all came together our voices would be the deadliest fire arm

Shannon Nia