Wanting My Own Coffee Shop

Wanting My Own Coffee Shop

Last week, I went out to eat with two of my friends and along our food journey we decided to pass by a coffee shop. It was a cute, little shop filled with people sitting down reading the paper, on their laptop or talking with their friends. It was like something you see in a TV show like Gilmore Girls or One Tree Hill where everyone comes to start their day or enjoy a lunch break. The shop even had an outside section where you could sit outside when it’s nice outside.

I always wanted to have a little coffee shop near my house, so I could go there for my coffee and start my morning routine. The only problem with that is there are not a lot of coffee shops where I live, so I’m stuck making my own coffee. That isn’t a problem, but it would just be nice if I could go somewhere to relax my mind before starting my day. And now that I’m in college, it would be great if I found a coffee shop nearby, but there aren’t a lot (or any for that matter. Except for the Starbucks stand in the library, but who wants to pay that much?!)

This had me thinking that maybe one day I could have my own coffee shop. I know this will require me to work or volunteer at one for some time to learn the ropes and also learn the management side, so I can know what I’m doing. I may be cliché, but I always wanted to have a homey type of feeling when it comes to starting or ending a day. Seeing that homey feeling in coffee shops in TV shows and movies make me want my own coffee shop someday. You never know a coffee shop could change your life.


Mazi K