Warped Tour Age Limit?

Warped Tour Age Limit?

If you haven’t been keeping up on your Warped Tour news then you probably don’t know about all the drama that’s been surrounding this traveling music festival lately.

Around two or three months ago, there was a lot of controversy involving Front Porch Step, a.k.a. Jake Mcelfresh. The singer/songwriter was caught sending inappropriate messages and pictures to minors. This hindered his music career so much so that he was kicked off of the Vans Warped Tour for this summer.banner-front-porch-step

UNTIL, the first show of the tour rolled around. As part of his “treatment” Mcelfresh was allowed to play his acoustic set, but could only stay for that long.

I’m sure his supporters were happy to hear this, but many people were extremely offended and felt unsafe because of this action that Warped Tour director Kevin Lyman agreed to, even though he himself kicked Mcelfresh off the tour in the first place.

Now, because of the uproar caused by this first day of Warped, Lyman has announced that no one under the age of  21 is allowed to be a part of Warped Tour. So basically, if any of your favorite bands or Youtubers that are underage cannot take part in the festival.

In an interview he did with The Stranger, Lyman stated: “Next year we’re going to have no kids on this tour. It’s going to be really tough if you want to be on this tour and are 21 and under. Whether it’s the artist, crew…anyone.”

At first this really worried me because I thought this meant you couldn’t even attend if you were under 21, but I think there would have been a much greater outrage if that was the case. Thank god it’s not.

I’m not really sure how much this is going to do for the tour and for the safety of its attendees, but whatever you say Kevin Lyman, whatever you say.