WATCH: Chance the Rapper in “Mr. Happy” Short Film

WATCH: Chance the Rapper in “Mr. Happy” Short Film

Colin Tilley directs Chance the Rapper in a new, riveting short film about a depressed guy who’s on the verge of suicide when suddenly he discovers a website called, whose services provide a hitman who will kill you at your request. But after setting up his doom, something happens that makes him reassess the value of his life. An interesting concept that’s played out rather well and with an exceptional performance from Chance the Rapper.

Director Tilley, who’s oeuvre consists mostly of music videos from artists like Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, and Justin Bieber (who’s “Confident” video interestingly enough is where the director met Chance), has finally made his short narrative debut, and after watching the piece, I’d say it’s about time he made more narrative films, short or feature-length. β€œMy goal was to get the audience to believe everything we see through Chance’s eyes in this crazy, surreal, over-the-top, exaggerated world full of nostalgia,” says Tilley. You can watch the film below.

WARNING: The film features graphic depictions of suicide that may be triggering to some viewers.