What if Kim Kardashian was black?

What if Kim Kardashian was black?

Ever since Kim Kardashian “Broke the internet” with her nude spread in Paper magazine she has been the talk of the town. Both men and women have been either praising her for “getting her money” or bashing her for being a mother “showing her ass.” I have circled with the ideals of what would be the correct answer, I could take the “feminist” route and say that its her body and she can flaunt it how she sees fit. I could also take the “getting her money” route and praise Kim for being able to use her body to make millions. And lastly I could take the “what type of message is she sending to young girls” route in which I would go on and on about how Kim is not helping young girls and blah blah blah. After pondering all of these ways to either defend or denounce Kim I realized that we have all been sitting here choosing sides and taking different approaches on just how we should all feel about Kim’s actions. Then I thought to myself, What if Kim Kardashian were black?


Now before you scream “Not another post about race” hear me out or you can stop reading I don’t care. Considering a vast majority of Black women young and old praise Kim Kardashian because of her beauty and money I think its necessary to examine if Kim Kardashian were a black woman doing what she does would she be accepted? Lets take it from the top, Kim Kardashian got her claim to fame from doing a sex tape with singer Ray J before that she was known as Paris Hiltons friend. After that she got a show with her family and the rest is reality television history. The Kardashian clan has built an empire all from a simple sex tape. Now some might say well look at Love and Hip Hop and all those other reality television shows where black women do the same thing, its the same thing but its not. None of the women on Love and Hip Hop or any other those shows can ever live the life that Kim has been living they are all but written off the prestigious list and probably couldn’t sit at the same table as Valentino much less be invited to his home for dinner.


We all but kill a fictional character by the name of Olivia Pope week after week  because she is a smart lawyer who fixes things in the white house her biggest flaw….she sleeps with the President who happens to be white. Olivia has been called everything in the book because she is sleeping with a white man. Those same people can then watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and fall in love with the entire family. Sure they might call Kim a disrespectful name but at the end of the day you see tweets from her adoring black fans who love her to the moon and back. So if Kim Kardahsian were black would she have been able to have led this grand life all because of her good looks and famous boyfriends? And if you say no why not? How is it possible that I would have pick an angle to write this post about, the mere fact that this post could have went in any direction lets me know that we give Kim every opportunity in the world to just be. Whether we are lifting her up by stating she is still getting money while we are poor or saying that she should be allowed to show her body off because it hers. We would still have more than one angle to address the issue of Kim Kardashian and her nude body pictures. If she were black there would only be one angle in my opinion and it would be negative. So what if Kim Kardashian were black, what would be the angle of the nude pictures?