WHEN BLACK PEOPLE DIE….PARODY by: @ejspeakstruth

WHEN BLACK PEOPLE DIE….PARODY by: @ejspeakstruth

When a Black person dies, there will be drama!

Now death is no joking matter, but sometimes the drama that ensues when Black people die can be straight comedy. Comedian Ej Speaks has created the funniest parody of what happens when Black people die. I have watched this video more than five times and I laugh the same exact laugh each time. Ej Speaks hails from Little Rock, Arkansas she is a writer, poet, and comedian. I cannot wait to see how her career will continue to blossom because she has “it.” Watch the video below and make sure you follow her Youtube page.

Video: When a Black People Die (Parody)

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xxdOc3jtNQ[/embedyt]