When I grow up I want to be a…STRIPPER!

When I grow up I want to be a…STRIPPER!

In all honesty I don’t even know where to start with this post but I know that I must address the issue. So the other day, I was on the bus in which I feel like the MTA needs to cut me a check because they owe me just like Sally Mae does and while riding the bus I overheard a conversation in which I could have literally taken off my belt and went crazy on this young little girl who looked to be no older than fourteen years of age, tell her friend the phrase that is now being viewed as the new way to get fast money “When I grow up I am gonna just strip.”

I would have said something to the young girl but instead I actually wanted to hear her conversation, I was a sociology major so sue me. I actually wanted her to just go on and me observe and really try to understand where these young girls are coming from. So as I listened this is what I got from her conversation with her friends. The reason why she wanted to be a stripper was because she will most likely strip only for two years and then get a reality show, and after the reality show marry a rapper or a singer and live in a big house and have all of his babies. Now I can assume if you are reading this you would love for me to say this is all a joke and I am lying but I am not.

Now in most cases some would say, okay maybe the young girl is just talking out her head and watches too much television and as soon as she is old enough she will grown of it and become a person with other dreams. Now I am not saying that she will or wont become a stripper but what I will say is that the fact that this profession is glorified and actually starts sounding more and more like a practical way of life to young girls is really alarming. People can debate me all day and night on whether the girls who are actually strippers deserve more respect for their profession that is an argument that I am not discussing at present.

My general argument or question rather is when did stripping become the new doctor or lawyer? Not saying that every girl will become a doctor or lawyer but I damn sure rather my child walk around screaming she is gonna be the next Ben Carson or Johnny Cochran then Sweet Seduction from Magic City. The sad part of all of this is nobody is showing them anything different, we need young women to step up to the plate myself included I don’t exclude myself from my own rants and show them better. I look up to my mother, Oprah, and Maya Angelou but I know these young girls are not watching Oprah’s Life Class or even has an idea about who the Caged Bird is much less why she sings. I do not blame them because they need something different what worked for me growing up is most certainly is not gonna be the same tactic used because we live in a time where reality television and instagram is raising our youth.

I can go on and on forever about why we have to do better but I would turn blue in the face. We have to find a way to change how our youth views what success is and how they believe they can achieve it. I am trying to find that way now because its been on my mind very hard, when you hear a child who has talent say all they want to do is just become a stripper just so they can then go on a reality show and then marry rich becomes hard pillow to sleep on at night. We are all responsible for what our generation produces and we all have to deal with what has already happened to our youth and try to change their mind on everything they thought was right otherwise we are in for a world of trouble.