When Music Becomes Art

When Music Becomes Art

Jay Z dropped his new video for “Picasso” off his latest album “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” The reason this video is sooo special was because it was released on the cable channel HBO. How big of a deal is that for a rapper? I will wait and let you try and think when a rapper got a 15 minute slot on any cable channel…yeah it never happened until Jay Z. The reason why people love Jay so much is not even for his music alone but for moments like this. Once Jay Z does something so amazing its not only shared with him and his family but it also becomes a moment for hip hop and the culture in general.

The video has a lot of Jay Z fans they make up the video, and you also have artists who pop up as well as musicians, actors, and dancers all artists in their own right featured on the video. It was really a moment to hip hop watch the making of the video and video below…