Where’s My Next Vacation?!

Where’s My Next Vacation?!

Summer is coming and all I can think about is where my next vacation is going to be! I just want to lie down beach, have a nice view from my hotel room and swim in the clear ocean. These American beaches just aren’t doing it for me anymore. Ever since I went out of the country for the first time on my birthday, I have high standards.

For my birthday, I went out of the Bahamas for the very first time and saw clear water. I’ve been obsessed with going on vacation ever since. I even got a job on campus, so I can afford to go on vacations more often.

My mom has been planning a cruise for us to take over the summer, so I’ll be leaving the US soon enough! I can’t wait to relax and not have to worry about any finals or classes until September. Vacations are the best thing that can happen to me. I just want to live in the warm weather for the rest of my life like in Hawaii and Australia.

Hawaii looks so beautiful and was offered as a senior trip for my high school. Ever since then, I wanted to go there at least once in my life and learn how to hula dance! Aloha! For some strange reason I’ve been obsessed with going to Australia since I was 15 years old. Those are two places I must visit in my lifetime!

However, for this summer, my mother better tell me where we are going on vacation and soon!

Where’s My Next Vacation?!


Mazi K