Why Black People Have To Go To War For Cam Newton

Why Black People Have To Go To War For Cam Newton

We got your back Cam Newton

Young, energetic, talented, entertaining and lively. Just a few words that can be used to describe the Carolina Panthers’ rising star QB, Mr. Cam Newton. “Young” just might be the most important of those adjectives in that list as of right now because the world is watching this young man deal with one of the worst heartbreaks in his entire life, and it’s difficult. He has not been through this before, so taking a loss with grace when the whole world (in a sense) was counting on you and your team to win should not possibly be expected!

Drafted in 2011, Cam has spent only 4 years in the NFL perfecting his craft. This 2015-2016 season was one of the greatest that Cam Newton, as well as any other QB in the league, could have hoped to have. He celebrated loudly, dabbing and doing whatever he felt in the end zone, and some were offended by that! Cam Newton embraces and embodies the young African American culture. High school and college football players look up to him and connect with him.

His lively unapologetic personality that shined through as a result of his talent made some football fans and even reporters feel uncomfortable. As a result, time and time again, Cam Newton was bashed for his cultured celebratory dances and flaunting. Nevertheless, for every Twitter troll or sports reporter that had something negative to say, the black community defended Cam’s decision to do whatever he pleased on that field! In response to the criticism in a commercial for Powerbeats, Cam himself told everyone that their feelings just did not matter. “Sorry they don’t make band-aids for feelings.”

Cam Newton Dabbin

So, Cam, you’re not alone in this fight against the media and their uncomfortableness because at the drop of the dime Blacks will be there to defend the decisions you choose to make to celebrate your talent. With success comes adversity, so it is a statement to the world that you are indeed very talented because of all the adversity you face.

This Super Bowl loss was a learning experience, a tough one at that. The Cam criticism of the moment is his abrupt exit of the post-game Super Bowl interview. “Sore loser”, “13 year old” and “selfish” are a few of the phrases that have been used to describe Cam since last night. The difference between Cam Newton storming off from a press conference after a loss, when compared to any other foo9tball star who has done it in the past is this. They saw him celebrating so loudly, so why not face this now? Well, this is something he’s looked forward to his whole life, and to have it ripped (literally) away in just a few hours is devastating. So let the critics come rolling in because regardless, win or lose, Cam would have been a target!

But it’s Black History Month and we got your back Cam, see you in the big game next year!