Why Ingrid Nilsen Coming Out Matters

Why Ingrid Nilsen Coming Out Matters

Today, Ingrid Nilsen, more known for her Youtube username Missglamorazzi, came out as gay on her channel. For many fans, this was huge, unexpected news.

Not because we’ve watched her vlog about straight relationships for years. Not because this was, as she expressed, something she’s repressed all her life.

It’s because Ingrid is pretty.

Now gay has nothing to do with a woman’s beauty. Some of the most feminine, gorgeous ladies I know are lesbians. But for years queer women have been depicted as masculine. We’ve shoved them into corner of flannel and septum piercings, creating a confined and prejudicied image of what a lesbian is supposed to look like.

Ingrid breaks that stereotype and on a huge scale. Known internationally as a “beauty guru” her 3 million strong following of her youtube channel has grown up associating her with pretty and it’s pursuit. From eyeliner, to nails, to scented candles, Ingrid has been the girly girl so many viewers trust. Her image of traditional femininity with the beauty community gives her the power to change our limited perception of the LGBT one.

Thanks Ingrid, for your bravery, and the courage you will likely inspire.