Why music so sooo important!

Why music so sooo important!


Now some may see the Beyonce picture and believe that this post is all about Beyonce and her contribution to music. They would be right and wrong, this post is about Beyonce slightly but more importantly music. As I sit at my job fiddling with papers thinking about my “Christmas to do list,” I cant help but think about last night. No it wasn’t a cool date, it wasn’t even an early birthday gift (then again maybe it was) it was something so magical that everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime. Now you might be thinking, “wait I know she is not about to say that everyone needs to attend a Beyonce concert.” NO, (I mean you should but that’s the Beyonce Stan in me) but everyone needs to attend a concert of some sort at least once in their lifetime.

1476384_10101477854664358_576763618_nThere is nothing more exciting to share with a group of strangers than dancing and singing to your favorite artists. As a child I don’t know if it was something ingrained in my spirit but music has always taken the number one spot over all other activities.

I was in the choir, even had my fake piano lessons, (wishing my mother would have not let me quit I would have been the first Alicia Keys) I have loved music for and ever, when my mother told me she played music while I was in the womb, and that i was born with music playing….I thought it was fate. I never attended concerts as a child maybe because of lack of funds, or maybe because the music I liked had too much of an adult audience…who knows. All I know is when I attended my first real concert I was in college and ever since then I have been hooked!

There is something about people coming together to experience music that amazes me. Every single concert that I have ever attended I would take in the energy of the arena. If it was a lounge, I would stop myself and take in the energy of the lounge. I never knew until attending a concert what “letting yourself go” truly meant. I mean I had partied and been drunk before and let go with the help of a couple of drinks. But never a natural high, a high that for days you can’t come down from even if you tried.


The entire process is an experience that is unforgettable, from the time the ticket is purchased that’s when the excitement begins. You finally get to the big day and you stand online, now some may be able to eat or drink, and even dress up like your going out. But for the true fans its all about comfy shoes to dance in and trying to find the perfect t-shirt that has your favorite artists on, so maybe…just maybe if the camera pans on you it shows your shirt and the artist notices and smiles or points you out.

d6ba7df1Last night it was ALL about Beyonce, some may call her “King B,” “Queen B,” and more recently “Yonce.” This was the last stop on her world tour before the new year hit, Beyonce performed at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York! In all my years of living in Brooklyn, I would have never thought it would take me 20 minutes to go to any concert much less a Beyonce concert.

I attended with my best friend Jamila, we have been Beyonce fans since she was in a group. We are the type of fans who talk all the mess about her, talk about what she needs to do but let someone else say just one thing bad we are going to murder you with our words. For us just like any other fan your favorite artist you can talk bad about because you think you know them (But I really know Beyonce tho.) Like when Beyonce went and got a short bob (I personally didn’t approve) and had a long conversation on why if she had a bob at my concert I wouldn’t be getting the full hair swing experience that Beyonce is known for.

You talk so much smack about your favorite artists that from a distance people might think you hated them. But we all know that it’s all love. I had made it December 22, 2013 I was there! Live and in person Beyonce was about to hit the stage I was anxious, I was excited, I was all over the place. I have to apologize and go to another Luke James concert because he is an amazing performer, but I could not for the life of me get into his performance because I was just that anxious to hear Beyonce!


It’s so much energy in one space for a single performer that sometimes I don’t know how a mega superstar like Beyonce could stay humble. With every commercial that popped up on or even at the sound of her voice the audience went wild. What always sticks out to me when I attend any concert is the audience, we always say we are so different as people and we really are but at the same time we are so similar. I saw people of all different ages and races, and I am sure with all different opinions about the world and life and under different circumstances they might not be caught dead in the same room with the person who they are standing shoulder to shoulder with.

Music in my opinion has always been the common denominator when it comes to just about anything. I can take two people from two different countries who know nothing about one another but if they share the same music artists you would think they were long lost friends. When I attend a concert its like seeing humanity at its finest, nobody is thinking about race, social issues, money, politics, we are all just here as people to enjoy music. You leave all your worries and cares behind because when that concert starts for those 2 hours or so its just you and the music.


People loose their minds and they just have fun. You sing and vibe with strangers perfect strangers who for two hours are your friends all because you share the same taste in music. You need fun, you need a moment when nothing else matters because music does. I personally love concerts and wished that I had been able to attend them when I was younger. I watched as two little girls I want to say they probably were around 12 maybe 13 go crazy when Beyonce hit the stage. They will remember that moment for the rest of their lives. They attended with their mother or she could have been a cool aunt whoever she was in their eyes she was the coolest woman on earth.

The girls sat in front of me and I promise you their energy gave me life! They were amazed their eyes gleamed, I loved how they were children and their hearts were so pure. They got to experience music in its finest form, live from the artists mouth, the live band and dancers. I could see the joy rising out of their little bodies and realized I had everything in common with these little girls because my best friend and I looked the exact same way when Beyonce hit the stage.


Music heals it says the words that you can’t. That’s why we love our favorite artists because they are able to sing exactly what we want to say. They deliver the emotion through song in such a way we become fans because we feel as though they get it… they get us. Heartbreak and love have been around since the beginning of man but when you get that special person who can sing it in a way that touches you its amazing. You hear the song and you are like “How did they know how I felt, they must have felt the same way.”

Music takes you away and sometimes it brings you directly to the pain. I believe that music is so important now more than ever because we are a generation filled with so many emotions. Music just makes life that much more fun! Go to a concert let you hair down and I promise you wont forget it.