Why the “Ghostbusters” Reboots Are Outing Idiots Online

Why the “Ghostbusters” Reboots Are Outing Idiots Online

As many of you have probably heard, there is a “Ghostbusters” reboot in the works led by an all-female cast (much to the dismay of sexists and “Ghostbusters” purists) including Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and others. And even more recently, Sony–yes, the same studio that’s producing the aforementioned film–is also making an all-male reboot starring Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt, and the idea behind it is to make some sort of combined cinematic universe like The Avengers that’ll combine the female and male-driven films into some sort of franchise. But if you take a look at Sony’s history of franchises, there isn’t much of a good track record and sometimes flat-out desperate moves. But the most scathing thing about this whole affair is the amazing amount of sexism in response to these films.

If you take a gander at the female-driven reboot’s IMDB message board, and you’re willing to give yourself a headache, you’ll find a whole lot of dumb angry men who loathe the idea of a “Ghostbusters” reboot where the original leads are played by women for a change, and many others are glad to see that there’s gonna be another “Ghostbusters” film with male leads. If you didn’t click the link, here’s a few gems to look at:




Oh sexism, and finally here is our winner:

oh noy

Ah yes, because this movie and the whole feminism movement is just a way to get America to vote for Hillary next year, good thinking @TheCream_of_TheCrop. I’m real sorry that the world isn’t pandering to our gender as much as it used to and that makes you sooo angry. Maybe turning on SpikeTV will help you forget about that.

I can understand simpler reasons to not want to see this, like wanting the old cast back for the sake of nostalgia or something like that, but there’s just such an excessive amount of hate for women who want to make movies where they’re not in some formulaic romcom or playing some “bad ass” fighting off a bunch of stunt men in some action film, which let’s face it, is just guys wanting to see hot female celebrities in a role that could easily be played by a man if you switched the genders. If you did, more often than not there’d be nothing about that character that even remotely resembles struggles or characteristics that are inherently feminine. Those action parts are pretty much all about sex appeal. Finally, here comes a chance to put actresses in Hollywood in role opportunities they normally wouldn’t get (where they can do stunts and be funny), and suddenly male audiences are throwing a hissy fit and trying act like it’s not all about sexism, when you can see hints of it in every argument they make against the idea of a female-led reboot.

Another reason this might not work is because well… it’s being made by Sony. Remember, this is a studio that wasn’t even satisfied with their own attempts at a reboot, so who in the hell knows what’s going to happen with this, and maybe some people are right in that this will be a bad idea, but if it does it’ll likely be because Sony isn’t the best at making movies and especially not franchises. It also might not work because the marketing is poorly handled, or they’re not fans of the main cast, or it’s just another cheap remake of a classic and subsequently gets bad reviews, and if does flop it’s not going to be because the leads are being played by women, it’ll be because of prejudiced audiences not wanting to see women do something different for a change or any of the aforementioned reasons.