Why You Always Lying (Full Video)

Why You Always Lying (Full Video)

By now you have probably seen or heard the 15 second clip with Nicholas Fraser singing his now insta hit single “Why you always lying.” If the beat sounds familiar its because its from the r&b group NEXT hit single”Too Close.” Now Fraser is back with a full length video for the insta single “Why you always lying.” This was a smart move by Fraser considering a lot of insta famous comedians are making their way to television and even making their insta single full lengths songs. You remember the famous 15 second clip of Tokyo Vanity shouting out her best friend, “Go Best friend, Dats my best friend, you betta” that insta single was turned into a real song that you can purchase on iTunes along with a music video that is almost at one million views on youtube. I don’t know what the future will hold for Fraser career wise but for now watch the full length video for, “Why You Always Lying” below.


Bonus: Tokyo Vanity “That’s My Best Friend” official video