World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day

Yesterday, July 17, 2015 was World Emoji Day! Back in 1999, Shigetaka Kurita created the first texting emoticons in Japan. To celebrate this day of electronic communication breakthrough, a preview of 38 new emoji’s for for 2016 have been released.

According to Yahoo News these will be the new additions:

1. Bacon                                 2. Avocado                         3. Drooling face                           4. Handshake

5. Clinking glasses               6. Croissant                       7. Cucumber                                 8. Nauseous face

9. Shrug                               10. Selfie                             11. Left-facing fist                        12. Duck

13. Face palm                      14. Shark                            15. Right-facing fist                     16. Fox

17. Pregnant woman          18. Prince                          19. Crossed fingers                      20. Motor scooter

21. Man dancing                 22. Man in tuxedo          23. Cowboy                                    24. Black Heart

25. ROFL                              26. Lying face                  27. Wilted flower                         28. Eagle

29. “Call me” hand             30. Owl                              31. Potato                                      32. Bat

33. Back of hand                 34. Carrot                         35. Mrs. Claus                               36. Scooter

37. Octagon                          38. Clown

Last year, USATODAY had Jerry Mosemak design six emojis based on what their readers described as their “dream emoji.” These included bacon, a chef giraffe, Canadian flag and hockey puck, selfie, Batman, and the USATODAY logo. tumblr_n8jpiewhZ11sztyb3o1_1280

Did you know that the first set of 172 12×12 pixel emoji was created as part of i-mode mobile internet’s messaging features to help facilitate electronic communication, and to serve as a distinguishing feature from other services? Now today people have full conversations with just emoji’s; Buzzfeed makes quizzes asking you to guess the movie or the song by just emojis; you can even wear emojis on a t-shirt.

I sometimes find myself disappointed as I’m looking through these little emojis, searching for the perfect one to describe what I am trying to express, only to be let down when it isn’t there. Hopefully these new additions will leave my future texts satisfactory.